Dec.31.2009 Finally, i got my first google page rank!!! ^^

Today, at December 31st 2009, one day before new year, i got my first google page rank!!!
I am so-so happy and excited!!!! ^^
it's because i`m so curious and a little bit jealous that my friends`s blog already got PR (page rank) and i havent yet.

But, everything is need time and need progress.
Getting up PR is not an easy work to do, need hard work and seriousness.
I have to keep patient and keep updating my blog seriously.
After my hard work about 5 months, then today is the time i got my first PR!!

Why i`m so happy getting PR?
It`s because PR is so important. The higher your PR are, means your website will be considered further more by the search engine like google. For example,
with the same keywords, a website with a pagerank 3 will be in a higher order than the website with pagerank 2 or below.

So, if we have a higher PR, our blog will be more possible to be sought by many people.
And PR is an important thing in online business.

I wanna keep updating my blog and be diligent to do blogwalking and exchange link to make my blog more worthy and hope my blog is useful to everyone who read my posts in my blog.

I wanna say thanks too to;
*God, who grant me patience and diligence to work out this blog
*Frelia, who teach me everything about blogging, include how to start getting an online job, and to applied this cute blog theme, etc ^^
*Giovanni a.k.a kepiting di laut, my fellow who is still learning blogging too
*And my other friends, like Lilies, Melisa, Desy, etc who often i made to check up new posts in my blog (hehe)
*And of course all the people who have visited my blog!! ^^

Thank you all!
My blog couldn`t be like this without you all. :)

Hoping i will still be able to consistent and keep writing! :)
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Dec.30.2009 Be careful by theft!

Pickpocketing is not something unfamiliar in our ears.
Its a common thing to speak

We must have often heard from our friend, anyone, people around us who got theft.
Even ourself may have been a victim of this theft thing.
In general, theft could be possibly occurred everywhere, especially inside a crowded public transportation, like, a public bus.

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Dec.27.2009 How to promote your blog

Blogging can be a media to share your story, idea, experience, etc that are useful to other people and can amused them.
Besides, you can acquire many information too from others blog.

So, blogging can be said as a education things.
Many various motives for people who owned a blog, starting from just trying to write an online diary (like me), and then developing into a hobby and even for business.
(thanks to frelia who teach me many advice for blogging and my blog can be like this now ^^)

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DeC.22.2009 Take good Care of your cell phone

About one week ago, my cell phone is broken. It can`t be used properly as usual. When i turned on it, it often restarting by itself again and again and display white screen. (error mode)
 btw, its my phone. NOKIA 7390! Cute, yes? ;;)
When it`s not restarting (it`s turned on), i can`t open the message icon. Like write new message, inbox, sent items, draft, etc. Always appear this sentence instead, "message storage memory is not ready"
I wait a day and a night to try to open my message icon. But it`s useless. That sentence always appear and i still can`t opened my messages.

So, my cell phone can only be used to phone but not so long, because it will restarting again soon.
The other application is error too. And only loading for a long time but no result.              
Furthermore, my cell phone is become too fast to running out of battery.
It`s not like usual.

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DeC.19.2009 Cleaning garbage using raft

When i was on the way to pasar baru with my friends, i passed a small dirty river (called "kali" in indonesian) and i interested because i saw a few people get by raft in that river. That`s the first time i see people using raft in a dirty, rather black river like that. I just wondering why they do that and it seems fun. So, its attract my attention.

But, after i look closer, actually, that people is not having fun. They do a job to make the river clean.
They put garbage on the river to the raft. They were so dilligent, i think.
Don`t they scared to fall from the raft to that dirty river? (if the garbage is so many and make the raft unbalanced)
Don`t they feel disgusting to gather dirty garbage from that river?

Because i think this story is interesting, so i took off a photo of one of them *hoho*

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DeC.16.2009 ---Facebook lite---

Facebook is a social networking site that is growing rapidly in recent years.
Not only in Indonesia, but this trend is spread around the world.

That way, facebook continues to find ways to make itself competitive, especially with Twitter.
Twitter is simple, so Facebook’s fighting back with the same.

Besides, the growing content in Facebook would be making facebook has heavy load time to load in an internet connection.

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Dec.13.2009 Let`s make a better Indonesia

Recently, i like chatting in
It can take you chat with anyone around the world who are using the site too.
You can`t choose the one who`s chatting with you because it is chosen by the system.

I like it because its interesting talking with people in many countries ^w^
I learnt more about culture, education and more about every country.
And its nice to be acquainted with them.
Many of them is friendly and open minded.
Besides, realize or not, by using this site, we can practicing our english language.
(A few of them even said that the way i use english language is pretty good. hohoho ^.^)

I`ve met people from USA, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Brazilian, Turkey, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Chinese and many more.

If you want to stop chat with them, you can just click "disconnect" button and then the system will have you to chat with someone else again randomly.
You can meet the fellow indonesian people too ^^

But be cautious in using this site, especially if you`re a girl.
(But if you scared, you can still lie about your identity :P)
Because, not all people in that site is good people.
The mayority who used this site is guy and the mayority country who used this site is USA.
(You know what i mean, right?)
Yeah, i`ve met many guy that asked me to cybersex, or asked me to send my naked pictures to them, etc.
Just ignored them and click "disconnect" button to chat with someone else if you found someone like that. >_<

Okay, now lets go into the core of this story.

When i was chatting, i met someone.
He is a guy from USA, 21 years old (don`t know this is truth or not)
(But for now, consider that it`s a truth)
I introduced myself as an indonesian people, female, 16 years old.

After i introduced myself, can you guess what he commented?
he said, "Indonesia did have computer? I thought Indonesia didn`t have techonology like that. Aren`t all of Indonesian people are poor and hungry?"

I get a little angry by his comment but still regained my composure.
So i replied and try explained to him,
"Yes, maybe most of them are poor and hungry. But not all of them. Many of them also rich and have ....."
While i was typing and still unfinished, he was cutting mine and said,
"No. I believe you`re poor and hungry too. All Indonesian people is like that."


Don`t know if he`s just kidding or not, but i got so pissed off that i don`t continue my talk that was cutting by him and said,
"If you feel like that about Indonesia, please come to Indonesia to make sure with your own eyes whether all the people is poor and hungry, okay?"

And i break up my connection with him by clicking "disconnect" button.

So, Indonesian people, it seems Indonesia is underestimated by western people.
Not all of them, but a few of them consider Indonesia as a poor country.

So, c`mon all of the people in Indonesia! Especially young generation.
Wake up!
Lets bring a change together to this Indonesia so no one would underestimate our country like that. Study hard and make all of the country shows respect to us!

Believe that we will make Indonesia into a better country.
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Dec.09.2009 Mosquito Season

Recently, in my house, there are so many mosquitoes going around.
not only at night, but also in the afternoon and even morning.
It is not like usual which the mosquitoes can still be controlled.
They are flying everywhere, in dining room, living room, bed room, kitchen, even bath room.
And their number is very much and make me crazy!

They bite me and i have to scratch everywhere.
Its so itchy and make a small bump >.<
I just worried if any of them which bite me
is "aedes agepty" which can make me got dengue disease.

So, for the prevention i spray "baygon", anti-mosquito spray to my bed room before i got to sleep. It work effectively.
when i am in outside the room, i smear "soffel" to my skin, especially leg. It is an anti-mosquito lotion, and it is quite working.

Maybe it`s a sign to entering rainy season.
But this is already rainy season in Indonesia yeah?
I don`t know but this is really unusual.
So, be careful everyone. Dont let your guard down :)
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Dec.07.2009 Theseus and the Minotaur

The Minoans lived on the island of Crete. Many years ago, the King and Queen of the Minoans had a baby, but the Gods played a trick on them. The baby wasn`t human - it was a terrible monster, half-man, half-bull! They called the monster the Minotaur. When it grew up, it was very dangerous and ate people, so they put it in a special place called a 'labyrinth.' It was impossible to get out of the labyrinth.

The Minoans were very strong and attacked other Mediterranean cities. The king of Athens was scared of the Minoans and wanted to give them a present. He decided to send some Athenian boys and girls to Crete for the Minotaur to eat. When it was time to send the chi
ldren to Crete, their parents were crying.

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Dec.05.2009 Nintendo Dual Screen

Do you know that Nintendo Dual Screen that we used to brief as "NDS" or "Nintendo DS" is the best selling entertainment in Japan, even better than mp3 player?

Nintendo DS is :
*A handheld game that compete with PSP (Pl
aystation Portable), a product by sony.
*A dual-screen handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo.
*Was released in 2004 in
Canada, the United States, and Japan.

Cooking Mama
*Have two LCD screens inside—with the bottom one being a touch screen.
*Also features
supports wireless that allowing players to interact and can play with each other within short range (10–30 m)
*Features with a built-in-microphone even in a few game require you to blow the microphone to play the game, like in game cooking mama.
*Offering a new and unique playing experience

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DeC.02.2009 Pilates Boston Moving Company

Moving to a new house can be brought a high stress, because you will have to prepare anything about your movement and the hardest thing for moving to a new house is about packing your things together and how to move them safely include big furnitures like bed, refrigerator that are hard to moved by yourself.

Although you are careful enough, but i`m sure you can`t guarantee the safety of all your things you moved if you do that by yourself, or maybe only rely help from your family or relatives, especially glassware things, like glass and plate.

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Dec.01.2009 Nail Art

Entering the 2000`s, in Japan, appears a modern trend, named "nail art" or decorating nail that is become very popular amongst Japanese teenager.
even nail art spread amongst Japanese artist that makes nail art become a part of fashion mode.

Nail art isn`t just coloring our nail with kutex or nail color, but was considered as a
n calligraphy art.
We can decorate our nail with many trinkets, like sticker, glitter, beads, until piercing.

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Nov.28.2009 New Year in Japan

In Japan, the new year celebrations is welcomed by cleaning and put decorative pine at the door.
On new year`s eve, or are known by the term "omisoka", japanese people have custom to go to the temple to pray by wearing kimono/hakama.
They then will eat "toshi koshi soba" noodles while listening to the new year bell.
Unlike at the other countries, new year in Japan is celebrated 3 days in a row.

The first day of new year is called "gantan/ganjitsu". Meanwhile the morning is called "hatsumode."

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Nov.21.2009 Behind the name "Ajinomoto"

Do you know the meaning of "Ajinomoto" One of Indonesian seasoning product?
At first i thought that Ajinomoto doesn`t have any meaning so personally.
I thought it`s only a ordinary name that doesn`t have anything to explain about.
But, i was wrong.

This afternoon, i took my japanese course.
And i learnt about adjective in Japanese.
And my "sensei"/teacher told me about that.

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Nov.20.2009 About cosplay

Have you ever seen cosplay party?
I`m sure you have, since many event was held whether in a mall, university, etc.

Okay, what is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a abbreviations from Costume playing.
usually pronounced by Japanese people, "kosupure"
Cosplay is one of Japanese culture that now spread to all over the

Cosplay is an expression of your love to anime, manga, game or even j-artist (Japanese-artist).
Japanese artist generally have an outstanding character, whether for appearance and characteristic.

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Nov.14.2009 What to do when holiday come ...

How to spend your holiday time without spending too much money?

1. Picnic in the garden.
It`s fun and increasing your relationship with the others. You can take out food from your refrigerator.

2. Go to Library

an effective way to spend your time. Read books that is interesting and give you more knowledge. e.g: history book ...

3. Go to the Museum
Many ancient artifacts that
is interesting to look at

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Nov.10.2009 Ar tonelico 2 : Reisha`s Lullaby

This is also one of my favorite song! from game ar tonelico 2 : melody of metafalica
That game have so many wonderful songs.
And this one is my favorite song in that game
This song is japanese. But this song is so soothing your heart and make you more relaxed ^^
This song is sang by Reisha, the mother of Luca when she is small to make her sleep well.

Here is the lyric..

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Nov.06.2009 Rhapsody : Our World

This is one of my favorite song from Nintendo Ds game;
Rhapsody : A musical adventure

This song is so romantic! I love this song so much
This song is about Cornet, an ordinary girl from a small village who fall in love with Ferdinand, the prince from a royal family.

Here is the lyric...
---Our World---
Sung by: Cornet & Prince Ferdinand

(English only)

I can no longer hold it back
My heart is filled with love. The feeling of love for you

I can feel your precious heart
Holding your hand in mine, I feel the special love, we have

Is it just a fantasy?

It's not a fantasy

Are we dancing in a dream?

It's not a dream

I never ever want to wake up from the sweet sweet dream
It's our world Our love is everywhere

To the sky, our hearts will soar above

Our hearts will soar above
It's our world Our love is everywhere

Our love is everywhere

We can fly, together on the wings of love
It's a wonderful feeling being in love with you

Please never go

I'll always stay

I never want to stop dancing with you
This is our world, and I never ever want to let you go
Here is the link to download this song... Click it;
Our World

Okay, hope you`ll enjoy this song ^w^
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Nov.04.2009 Experience In OBAKE Ghost House

Last saturday exactly at October 31st 2009, i went to a cosplay event at la Piazza Mall, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, which celebrated halloween competition at Kelapa Gading. I went there while cosplaying as beautiful Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II. But, i wasn`t entering the competition. Just cosplaying for taking pictures and FUN! XD

I must go because in that day i wanna celebrated my friend`s birthday party too, who is 17 now, named Febrina. And, one of the purpose for my arrival there is to try to get into the OBAKE, which everyone said really scary. My other Junior high school`s friends wanna come too because they were curious just what was inside this OBAKE.

At first, we were very interested, we can`t wait for the time when will the OBAKE be opened. Even my friend, Desdut said, "Yeah. I`m so interested in coming there. Hey, what about taking photos in there later? We can stopped a bit and take photos for our memorials." I just smile when she said that. I wonder if we can "stopped a bit" there.

The OBAKE opened from 6 pm until 11 pm. Although at 4 PM the place haven`t opened yet, a long queque has been made. I and Desdut was still busy going around and taking pictures with cosplayers which costumes were very impressive and Melisa and her sister, Angel was more interested in watching the cosplay competition. Meanwhile, Shabrina and Lisa were already busy quequing behind the lines. Me and Desdut said that it isn`t necessary. We thought that it`s better if we queque later, when the OBAKE is already opened.

Shabrina, who is the most impatient one for getting in there approach me and said to us. "Hey, i think we should queque from now. Look at that, this is still 4 PM but the queque is already long." Me and Desdut don`t care (ahaha ^w^) and we still continue our photos session. We said to her that we`ll follow them later. And Melisa, who want to watch the cosplay competition was forced by Shabrina to join them quequing. hahaha. Very poor =p

Okay, when it`s already 5 PM, me and Desdut join them queque. We replace them to wait in the line. Because, they were obviously tired and all standing there about one hour or more. At 5:30 PM, the queque were getting more crowd, even it`s a little hard to out of the line because i wanna change clothes. My cosplay costume is not too comfortable in this crowded heat.

When i got back to the line with my normal cloth, i was so surprised that the line has already become more and more crowded. It`s hard to get back to the line where my friend was waiting on. I feel relieved that we were quequing in the quite front line, only a few metres from the entrance. I looked behind and see that the queque were already very long. And i think that we can getting into the ghost house quickly.

At 6:30 PM, a few people give up from quequing and getting out of the line. Shabrina said, "don`t give up. A little more we`ll arrived at that ghost house." We all nod agreely and said, "they`re so misfortune." hahaha.

But my guess was wrong =_=
What i assume as an entrance, actually is not an entrance yet. Now i understand why a few people in front of me give up quequing and getting out of the line. The entrance to the ghost house is more further into and it`s not visible to see from that crowd of people where i stand before.

Okay! SO! We quequed at a total time of 3 hours!!! We wait in the line since 5 PM and successede to get into the OBAKE at about 8 PM.

SO-SO tired standing without sitting about 3 hours in the crowd!!!! The queque is very-very CROWD! Urgh! Even there`s a group of crazy boys who make us even annoyed. They keep pushing from behind, wanna move forward! They can`t think that their action make people disturbed.

It`s so-so crowded that even i have difficulty just to take some items from my bag. It`s SO-SO hot because there are so many people gathered there. And, we don`t have any beverage. So thirsty...... >,< _=" Really-really">,<>I'd better do something more useful (e.g : study, although i`m lazy) rather than quequing wasting time like that! urgh!
And why was the line not given a border or so? If there was a border maybe the line will be more well-ordered.

Okay, well, inside the OBAKE. Apparently it was not as good as being imagined. But it was scary, though.
Turns out what makes the queque is so long is that to get inside the OBAKE in each turn, only 3 or 4 people can go. And the others must wait till that group "finish" explore the OBAKE and find a way exit.

We were six people. And so, we were separated into 2 groups, consisted of three people. Me, Desdut and Shabrina. Lisa, Melisa and Angel. My group are going first.

In front of us there were two girls that go back and forth, getting in and getting out to the entrance again, they seems scared and screamed. The officer said, "Hey, you wanna getting in or not? People like you that made the queque is so long."

The two girls said to us, "There. There was..... " (itu.. itu.. di depan ada ....)
They pointed the curtain in front of us but they didn`t finish their sentence.
Then, the three of us feel goosebumps too. And finally, we agreed to getting in together with them.

No one brave enough to walk as a leader, getting on first. Finally, Shabrina said, "Okay, okay. I will be the front. Only things like this won`t make me scared."
My position is on the back. I close my eyes and hold on Desdut`s and one of the girl`s clothes.
And we walked in together.

One of the two girls screamed, "there. there was child ghost!!"
I opened my eyes and i saw it sitting in the corner of the hall. I screamed.
Shabrina, the most brave one in our group said, "Hey, she is remain silent and unmoved. What do you scare of?"

Then we started to walk again, i still hold on Desdut`s cloth. The place is narrow and because i closed my eyes, i hit the wall besides that filled with straw. I don`t care and keep walking.
They screamed again suddenly, because something had been following us from behind.

I looked back and i saw "kuntilanak" behind me was smiling to me.
OMG! I screamed, "hurry! hurry!"

In front of us there`s a curtain and it`s the exit! We feel relieved and so tired. We directly bought mineral water from place not too far from there.

Desdut feel fortunate because she didn`t see anything. ? She said that while we were inside the OBAKE, she kept her eye closed because she didn`t want to see anything. ? hahaha.

We were all feel disappointed about getting in the OBAKE. -.-"
We were waiting in the line for 3 hours and getting in only about 5-10 minutes? totally not worth the time!

But, honestly, i didn`t regret getting in OBAKE. I will just consider it as an experience how it was felt like. And if we hadn`t tried getting in the OBAKE, we would have felt curious up to this time. Besides, the ticket`s price is not too expensive, just Rp 10.000,-! Cheap!

What i regret is the queque!! SO WASTING TIME!
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Oct.30.2009 DORAEMON ending story

As you know, Doraemon is a story with no ending, but this small story is about the "last episode" of the famous cartoon. Someone made this story and uploaded it to his homepage, and it`s now widely spread all around Japan through internet.
Here it goes...

One day, a very normal day, Nobita came back from school and went upstairs of
his house. Doraemon was there sleeping, just like the other normal day.

"Hey Doraemon. Please wake up. Let`s play!"
But Doraemon does not wake up. Nobita thought that D
oraemon is tired, so he went out to play with Shizuka-chan and the other folks. After few hours, he returned home, but Doraemon was still sleeping. Nobita felt something strange, and tried to wake him up. But there was no reply. He became to feel afraid, and tried again to wake him up. But whatever he does, Doraemon did not wake up.

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Oct.23.2009 Sony Playstation 3 vs Nintendo Wii

About Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii..
The two next-gen consoles..

I wan
na buy the two of them ^^,
At f
irst, i only want Nintendo Wii because the game is funny and the gameplay is unique.
and besides, i can`t afford the price of PS3.
But now, because there`s a rumor that game cross edge and ar tonelico 3 will be released in PS3, i want to buy the two of them!!
(And so, i`m saving money right now ^w^)

This passage is for u, gamer who`re still confused about what will you buy between ps3 and wii!I will explain the difference between the two consoles.

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My Maid is going back home!

My best maid, named Umi who have worked in my home for 3 years is back to her village today and will never work in my home anymore!!
Huwaaa >,< style="font-style: italic;">mbak
Umi will go back tomorrow that means today to her village because she want get married "again".

Why i said again? Because.. >,< her first husband is already passed away many years ago and she become a single parent to take care of her only child, who is in the fourth grade of elementary school now.
From what i heard, her husband lost in the sea and the body hasn`t been found till now because he`s carried away by "Nyi Roro Kidul", someone that is believed to be the ruler of the sea.

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Oct.16.2009 Art Work -Hand-Made doll-

Yesterday, i finished my task from my art teacher in school to make a han
d-made doll from many countries.
We are not allowed to make a doll of the same type of the other student have chosen to made.
E.g : I chose indonesian boy, so my friend can`t pick that again, haha.

And the process of making this doll is simple and easy.
(haha, Sombong mode : on, mentang-mentang uda berhasil buat tanpa dibuatin mba =p)
Because, these dolls can be made without sewing
Just only apply glue ^^
Hmm, these dolls are so cute.
So, here i show you a few the hand-made dolls photos that made by me and my class mate ^^

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Oct.13.2009 Otaku Nation

The modern age of Anime arrive in Japan in the 1960s, and over the course of the next decade or so boomed into the giant robot, space battle genre bender that we would soon recognize as the anime of today.

Evolving over the next 30 years or so, it reached a peak where it could begin to overtake and become an integral part of other cultures, much like the Hollywood of the 1930s quickly grew to encompass the rest of the world and inform their pop culture. In the same manner, American pop culture becomes increasingly informed by the trends and cult response to anime.

Anime first appeared in the US market in the 60s with shows like Kimba the White Lion and Astroboy. However, the national consciousness as to where these shows came from as well as the poor marketing of the shows made them forgettable and rather than a jumping in point, they act as a nostalgic reminder.

When Speed Racer arrived, the beginnings of a true consciousness that Japan was creating something new and exciting began to set in. The popularity of Speed Racer was never that of its American contemporaries, but it created in a set fanbase the willingness to devour newer offerings later on in Starblazers and Robotech (a convoluted perversion of multiple animes, but still a relative success in the states). Still, the affect was mostly underground.
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Oct.12.2009 ***What to do When the lights suddenly dead!!!***

Recently, dying lights is occuring more often.
I will give you a few tips of what to do when the lights suddenly dead..

1. Don`t be panicked!!!
If the lights suddenly dead, especially at night, calm down, don`t be panicked to adapt your eyes in the dark
2. Immediately turn on the light source.
Lit a candle, turn on the flash light or whatever to help you relaxed a bit
3. Ask the position of the other people
It will help you regain the composure
4. Gathered at a place that many people be together
If you afraid of the dark, gathered at one place with your family and you can spend time by chat with them

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Oct.07.2009 About OTAKU

Do u know..
What is OTAKU?

I`m sure many people, especially who loves Japan is familiar with this term.

All this time, many anime/manga fans in Indonesia claim themself as an otaku.
And many people misunderstood the meaning of otaku as a anime/manga fans.

Now, the term of otaku in modern Japan itself is more directed at : "People who obsessed with something or a hobby that can be done all day"
For example,
-People who likes read manga too much (manga otaku) or
-People who likes play game too much (game otaku)

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Sept.29.2009 Experience on Photo shoot..

About a week ago, exactly on 25 sept 09 last friday, me and some of my friends planned to go to UI/ Universitas Indonesia which located at depok (university of indonesia) to photoshoot for cosplay purpose from ar tonelico, our favorite game ^^
This event is not held by some organisation or whatsoever, but pure held by only us!!
we wanna make photo session there

We agreed to meet there and start our photo session at about 11 AM

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Sept.21.2009 My activity at my home in this "lebaran" holiday ^w^


Since my housemaids "back to their village"...
i must help my mom and dad doing many activities in home..
and for addition, i have 2 bro n ` 1 sis =_=
Plus, they`re naughty .. Especially my first bro, Mario

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About Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist !!

Now i want to write down about one of my favorite games ^^
Mana Khemia 2 : fall of the alchemist !!
It`s created by gust
and it`s translated by NIS america

I always like the game created by gust and translated by NIS america
and that games become my MOST favorites for RPG games !!
For example : Ar tonelico and Atelier iris

The gameplay is unique..
enjoyable and not make me bored
The story is great n make us want to know the continuation of the story
and i like the graphic too ^^
i like the design of the characters and the costumes for the characters!!
even i make a cosplay costume of Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico : Melody of elemia
And usually the main character is handsome (for boys) n pretty or cute (for girls)
And i always enjoy playing it ^^

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Finally, play PS2 again!!! BANZAII ^0^

In my latest post, i said that i haven`t played ps2 in a long time..

But finally, after yesterday i bought Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist,
i start to play again in my room!!
i am looking forward to play this game..
wohooo ^o^

I enjoy played although this ps isn`t mine.
My ps2 is broken and haven`t repaired yet..
i borrowed from my buddy, Lilies

i played from 8 pm till 1 am..
Time passed very quickly without being realized while i was playing game tonight..

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Wanna make cosplay costume again!!! ^0^

hmmm.. ^^
I wanna make new costume for cosplay again..

I`ve owned 2 costume for now.
Kairi from kingdom hearts AND..
Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico
I wanna make something new ^^

I like 2 costumes..
I must choose one between them.
I can`t make the two of it at once.
Coz, i`m sure it`ll too expensive =_=
Enough 4 one costume 4 know..

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Luvvv LYNER!!! ^0^ gyaaaa

his name is Lyner Barsett..
my fav. male character from game ps2, Ar tonelico : Melody of Elemia.
He is my fav. male character from many games that i`ve played.

I don`t know why but,,
I really like the gameplay of this game.
After i first played this game, i just feel this game is so interesting.
And this game suddenly became my most favourite game ever!!
Bcoz, this game have some systems and features that the other game haven`t..
This game is unique!!
And plus, the design of the characters is so good ^0^

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