Nov.28.2010 Fiuhhh

*Not in the mood to do anything*

Note : The final exams will be coming soon on December 6th and i`m not ready at all~
Current status : i`m sick and do you know what is my sickness that the doctor told me? lazy syndrome ...
Current activity : playing my nds, eating and... sleeping, wew -.-

Because i am :

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Nov.20.2010 Beautiful words to read..

Someone has written these beautiful words. Let`s read and try to understand the deep meaning of it :)

PRAYER is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when you are in trouble,
but it`s a "steering wheel" that directs your way to the right path

Why is a car`s "windshield" is so large and the car`s "rear view mirror" is so small?
Because our PAST is not so important as our FUTURE does.
So, look ahead, and just learn from your past, and move on

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Nov.05.2010 The best day to do something, check here

When i look for some articles for my assignment, i found this article accidentally and i felt this article is very interesting so i decided to put it in my blog.

This article is about the best day to do some activities based on the research and survey from many peoples.
Here it goes..

Monday, is the best day to reduced stress. Take time to relax on this day. Don`t drink much alcoholic beverage on the weekend and don`t get too much stressed when you begin to work or study on this day. Because, according to British Medical Journal study, about 20 percent of people have probably died of heart attack on this day.

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Nov.02.2010 RainBow over The Sky

This evening i saw a rainbow in the sky by chance
I was sleeping in the car because i`m so tired and suddenly my friend who was driving the car said, "Look, there`s a rainbow."
I wake up and see it.
It`s so beautiful :D

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