Apr.18.2014/ Feel like starting to write again after hiatus for a long time?

I said, "Hello!" for you, yes you, my loyal readers who're currently reading this. hahaha.
Yeah i finally made a coming back to this blog! *hip hip hoorayyy* 
Do you miss me? :) Eh, sorry don`t have to ask that obvious answer to that question! I know i`m lovable enough to be missed. *gyaaa* XD *forgive my overconfidence. hehe. ...

It`s been like, 1 year and more already since my previous post (about the flood? check it just now. wow.). and i also wrote in some posts before that i will make a full story about my first trip to japan last december (2012)? in my upcoming post. lol (and its already like, mid april 2014 now ...)!!

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