Dec.31.2010 Heppiii nuuu yeaaarr alll..!!!

Hello everybody.. Today is the first day in a new year, 2011
it`s time for us to said "good bye" to 2010 and say "hello" to 2011

so i wanna say : Happy New Year all! Be blessed~!

And i`m so happy because i`ve a great, long-long holiday till the middle of february!

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Dec.09.2010 Britney Spears - Santa, can you hear me~

This is a song by Britney Spears and i post the lyric of this song here because it`s already December and christmas is near!
i love this song. This song is good and have a deep meaning. It tells about a girl who wants Santa Claus to grant her wish in Christmas. Although this song seems kinda childish, (because i think it`s almost impossible to ask Santa to give her a guy or someone to love her in christmas, meanwhile santa`s exsistence is doubtful), but i still love this song!

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Dec.06.2010 December oh December

Moshi-Moshi minna-san..!! *Hello everybody*

This is my first post in December and December finally come ^^ lalala
December means christmas is near XD, and i`m looking forward to itt..
And December is also means my final exams in my first semester in this university life is coming and i *must* study hard in order to get a good score to makes my dad proud of me as the dependable and the first child in my family!
ganbattee.. fight fight.. jia youu..!!

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