Feb.23.2010 Beware of Instant noodles

For you who liked instant noodles or considered instant noodles as your favourite food, (like me >,<), after reading this post, please make sure you eat instant noodles again at least every 3 days.

Information from a doctor;
"Our family stopped consumed instant noodles from about 5 years ago since we have known about candle that apparently coated the instant noodles. This candle not only coated the sterofoam but also the instant noodles! That`s why instant noodles don`t stick with each other when being cooked."

If we noticed enough yellow chinese noodles that we usually find in the market, from what we saw is, before being cooked, the noodles would appear to be oily. The oil layer will prevent sticky noodles. We usually spread flour onto Raw Wonton noodles so that the noodles won`t get sticky each other.

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Feb.17.2010 How to improve your english

Nowadays, English can be said as the most important language. English is required in every country. Many games, many novels, movies is in english. And i think in this era, if you don`t understand english well, you will be outdated.

I think that everyone must be able to speak english at least few common used words and phrases. But, do you feel satisfied in knowing only a little and simple conversation?
of course not!

And here i will share you few tips how to improve your english based on my experience...

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Feb.11.2010 Story of Junko Furuta

This is a true story that happened in Japan in 1988.
A girl named Furuta Junko (17 y.0) was kidnapped and then tortured by 4 boys with very unimaginable way and finally died after been tortured for 44 days.

For you who can`t stand reading something that is so cruel, don`t read this.

The crime:
In November of 1988, Boy A (18), Boy B (Jo Kamisaku, 17; Kamisaku was a new family name he took after being released from prison), Boy C (16) and Boy D (17) from Tokyo abducted Furuta, a second year high school (grade 11) student from Saitama Prefecture in Misato, for 44 days. They kept her captive in the house owned by the parents of Boy C.

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Feb.06.2010 How to conceal your belly fat

I`m sure most women care about their appearance and not a few women who have enough confidence of their body. Most women always feel they are fat although maybe for other people, their body is already proportional.

And here i will share you a tips how to conceal/hide your belly fat ^^

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Feb.02.2010 Why There is a conflict?

Why There is A Conflict?

The reason is that people won`t try to understand each other
People won`t even try to see things from other people perspective
To see why they do certain things..

They don`t want to know what other people want or need
What they strive to achieve..
When people refuse to understand each other, conflict arise..

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