Dec.31.2010 Heppiii nuuu yeaaarr alll..!!!

Hello everybody.. Today is the first day in a new year, 2011
it`s time for us to said "good bye" to 2010 and say "hello" to 2011

so i wanna say : Happy New Year all! Be blessed~!

And i`m so happy because i`ve a great, long-long holiday till the middle of february!

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Dec.09.2010 Britney Spears - Santa, can you hear me~

This is a song by Britney Spears and i post the lyric of this song here because it`s already December and christmas is near!
i love this song. This song is good and have a deep meaning. It tells about a girl who wants Santa Claus to grant her wish in Christmas. Although this song seems kinda childish, (because i think it`s almost impossible to ask Santa to give her a guy or someone to love her in christmas, meanwhile santa`s exsistence is doubtful), but i still love this song!

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Dec.06.2010 December oh December

Moshi-Moshi minna-san..!! *Hello everybody*

This is my first post in December and December finally come ^^ lalala
December means christmas is near XD, and i`m looking forward to itt..
And December is also means my final exams in my first semester in this university life is coming and i *must* study hard in order to get a good score to makes my dad proud of me as the dependable and the first child in my family!
ganbattee.. fight fight.. jia youu..!!

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Nov.28.2010 Fiuhhh

*Not in the mood to do anything*

Note : The final exams will be coming soon on December 6th and i`m not ready at all~
Current status : i`m sick and do you know what is my sickness that the doctor told me? lazy syndrome ...
Current activity : playing my nds, eating and... sleeping, wew -.-

Because i am :

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Nov.20.2010 Beautiful words to read..

Someone has written these beautiful words. Let`s read and try to understand the deep meaning of it :)

PRAYER is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when you are in trouble,
but it`s a "steering wheel" that directs your way to the right path

Why is a car`s "windshield" is so large and the car`s "rear view mirror" is so small?
Because our PAST is not so important as our FUTURE does.
So, look ahead, and just learn from your past, and move on

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Nov.05.2010 The best day to do something, check here

When i look for some articles for my assignment, i found this article accidentally and i felt this article is very interesting so i decided to put it in my blog.

This article is about the best day to do some activities based on the research and survey from many peoples.
Here it goes..

Monday, is the best day to reduced stress. Take time to relax on this day. Don`t drink much alcoholic beverage on the weekend and don`t get too much stressed when you begin to work or study on this day. Because, according to British Medical Journal study, about 20 percent of people have probably died of heart attack on this day.

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Nov.02.2010 RainBow over The Sky

This evening i saw a rainbow in the sky by chance
I was sleeping in the car because i`m so tired and suddenly my friend who was driving the car said, "Look, there`s a rainbow."
I wake up and see it.
It`s so beautiful :D

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Oct.31.2010 My love Story

Seems like i`m falling in love with someone *blush*
This feelings is so different from before and before i know it, i`m already falling in love with him
The first time i see him, i got attracted by his smile
And when i get to see him more often, i attracted with him more and more (for me, he is so mature but sometimes childish and his smile is so alluring)

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Oct.22.2010 Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle

This is a song about triangle love by Frente
Not that i liked triangle love, but i just like this song cause the singer`s voice is good and pure like a young girl

Here is the lyrics :

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Oct.13.2010 A prayer for God (my reflection)

God, i know i shouldn`t talk like this..
But i have many questions that stucked in my mind

I decided to wrote it here to improve my english and trying not to be lazy all day as well.

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OCt.10.2010 Happy Blogging today 10.10.10

Hello all ^^
It`s been a few months since the last time i updated this blog, yeaa
And i`m still so so sooo lazy to write it every time.. T^T
*guess LAZY is my very nature hahaha

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Aug.27.2010 The Real Me

This is a short fiction story which originally created by me two years ago when i was a second grade of highschool and inspired by persona 4 (play station 2`s game)
I want to show that all of us, human should be honest with ourself although sometimes it`s hard and we may pretend to be someone else, but try to be yourself :)

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Jul.22.2010 I HATE YOU SO MUCH, MOM!

It seems like i`ll never match with her.
I`ve written this post that i hate her so much not only this time.
I`m tired of her.
I hate her.

But this time, i can`t deny that she looks like a CRAZY person which should be put in ASYLUM, not in a normal house, which contains only normal people!!!

It all started from this morning about 8 AM when i woke up because i heard a loud voice from bottom. I woke up and then i saw her talking with strange voice, not like her voice usually. It looks like she was possessed by some evil spirit.

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Jul.19.2010 daisuki desu, HAYASHI KENTO ♥

YOSH! From today, my internet connection have been
fixed and i will start blogging again after about two months stop blogging due to my laziness D:

Today i will post about HAYASHI KENTO!
He is my favorite male actor for now :D
Usually, i`m not easy to like one actor.
Maybe i only said he is good looking or, his acting is good and that`s all.

i seldom like an actor like a fanatic person did.
But, Hayashi Kento is the first actor who makes me like him just from first sight ♥ ^^

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May.28.2010 HATE LETTER ^^

Read this "HATE LETTER"
It`s so funny plus very creative.

This is a love letter from a boy to his girlfriend..
However, the girl`s father does not like him and want him to stop their relationship...
So the boy wrote a letter to the girl...
He knows that the girl`s father will definitely read his letter.

Then, Here it goes...

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May.27.2010 Respect yourself and others please!

Recently, i get very-very mad by one post in Kaskus which very annoying for a fans of japan and one of the cosplayer like me.


By now, the post seems can`t be opened anymore. It seems the post have been deleted.
I don`t know why.
Maybe the one who started the post be ashamed and delete it? Dunno.
I just wanna share my anger here!!!

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May.11.2010 Just a simple note

when i wrote this post, i`m in my state of disappoinment or stressed and all.
although i`m in a long holiday which must make me very happy like what i wrote in my post before.

But, in the reality, many things makes me down lately.
especially about My Mom
she really makes me down. i can`t bear it anymore.
ugh... There`s many-many things that makes i hate her more and more everyday.
huaaaaaaa ><

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Apr.29.2010 My activity in this Long-Long Holiday.. yeaaa ^^

For Your Information, i am a third grade of high school student and as you know, the third graders have already passed the national exam, school exam, practical exam that was very exhausting. And since i`ve graduated from high school and will be entering college maybe this august or september, so, i`m now in a great long-long holiday! Yeehaaaa :DDDDD (extremely happy)

I`ve planned various activities that i must do in this holiday
I don`t want to wasted my holiday time badly by just wake up in the afternoon every day and just eat-play-sleep like that! XDDD
I must do something useful..!
(Hopefully, i can do all of them :p)

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Apr.23.2010 The Red SKy

The sky recently is so good. So beautiful :D
It`s not like usual i think
So, i took a few pictures of it.

It`s the sky onto my house ♥

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Mar.24.2010 Save Water at all cost.!

In one side, our world appeared to have so much water flowing and waste water too much. Meanwhile, maybe in the other side of our world, clean water is very scarce and very expensive.

We often underestimated our country, Indonesia and compared it to other country. But don`t you know.? I think we must look from many side.
Try to visit a few neighboring countries and you will know that some countries count on other countries in order to get clean water and of course price of water in there could be twice or more than in Indonesia. In this position, you can be grateful that in our country, a bottle of mineral water can be obtained with only 2.000 rupiah`s

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Mar.12.2010 Why i am so lazy?? T^T

As you know, this blog is more and more rarely updated.
Even more, the rangkings of this blog is decreased dramatically. =_="
That`s reasonable because i rarely do blogwalking recently and only write new posts less than 5 last month.


Nevertheless, this blog is still better than my other`s blog All about Japan and Korea
I only write one post for last month TAT

When i checked up my blog rankings in alexa, i know that this blog rank`s must be dropped, but i don`t think the rangkings will dropped so greatly....
from about 200.000 to about 300.000!!!!!!!!!!!
I`m pretty sure it`ll be hard to increased it again.
OH NO.. >.<

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Mar.06.2010 Watch out for candy drugs!

After targetting and making night spots and residential as a location for consume and transaction for drugs, now the drug dealers syndicate started to pick students in some schools as their target.

The action of the syndicate makes many parents in Jakarta worried. A short Message Service (SMS) that was published to many parents said that many candy drugs have spread in a elite school which located at kebon jeruk, west Jakarta. The candy drugs is packed attractively with many colours and flavor, such as strawberry, chocolate, peanut, cola, cherry, grape and orange. Therefore, children may interested and bought it.

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Feb.23.2010 Beware of Instant noodles

For you who liked instant noodles or considered instant noodles as your favourite food, (like me >,<), after reading this post, please make sure you eat instant noodles again at least every 3 days.

Information from a doctor;
"Our family stopped consumed instant noodles from about 5 years ago since we have known about candle that apparently coated the instant noodles. This candle not only coated the sterofoam but also the instant noodles! That`s why instant noodles don`t stick with each other when being cooked."

If we noticed enough yellow chinese noodles that we usually find in the market, from what we saw is, before being cooked, the noodles would appear to be oily. The oil layer will prevent sticky noodles. We usually spread flour onto Raw Wonton noodles so that the noodles won`t get sticky each other.

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Feb.17.2010 How to improve your english

Nowadays, English can be said as the most important language. English is required in every country. Many games, many novels, movies is in english. And i think in this era, if you don`t understand english well, you will be outdated.

I think that everyone must be able to speak english at least few common used words and phrases. But, do you feel satisfied in knowing only a little and simple conversation?
of course not!

And here i will share you few tips how to improve your english based on my experience...

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Feb.11.2010 Story of Junko Furuta

This is a true story that happened in Japan in 1988.
A girl named Furuta Junko (17 y.0) was kidnapped and then tortured by 4 boys with very unimaginable way and finally died after been tortured for 44 days.

For you who can`t stand reading something that is so cruel, don`t read this.

The crime:
In November of 1988, Boy A (18), Boy B (Jo Kamisaku, 17; Kamisaku was a new family name he took after being released from prison), Boy C (16) and Boy D (17) from Tokyo abducted Furuta, a second year high school (grade 11) student from Saitama Prefecture in Misato, for 44 days. They kept her captive in the house owned by the parents of Boy C.

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Feb.06.2010 How to conceal your belly fat

I`m sure most women care about their appearance and not a few women who have enough confidence of their body. Most women always feel they are fat although maybe for other people, their body is already proportional.

And here i will share you a tips how to conceal/hide your belly fat ^^

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Feb.02.2010 Why There is a conflict?

Why There is A Conflict?

The reason is that people won`t try to understand each other
People won`t even try to see things from other people perspective
To see why they do certain things..

They don`t want to know what other people want or need
What they strive to achieve..
When people refuse to understand each other, conflict arise..

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Jan.25.2010 Inside the Take Me Out Studio

I wanna tell you my experience in the Take Me Out studio XD
It happened about six month ago. hahah.
And i just remembered to write in this blog about this ^^

I first interested in this Take Me Out program is because i watch the advertisement on tv that almost appear everyday on Indosiar at that time and i just curious what the program is.
And, the other reason i interested in it is because i saw Choky Sitohang, an actor who is popular at that time because of Happy Song Program that he brought. XD

I like Choky Sitohang by saw his performance as a presenter in Happy Song Program which my driver, my maids and my brothers and sister like to watch.

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Jan.24.2010 Easy way to blogwalking without shoutmix??

A few days ago, i wanna blogwalking using shoutmix as usual.

As for you who don`t know, blogwalking is one way to promote your blog to others by leaving comment in others chat box (like shoutmix) and also leave your own link, so that everybody could click that link and check up your blog.

But, i realized something strange.
I have left a comment in others shoutmix but my link isn`t there, only my comment appeared.
So, it`s no use.

I thought maybe because i'm not log in yet into my account.
So, i opened up my blogger account and log in.
Then, i tried to left a comment again, but still my link didn`t appear.

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Jan.13.2010 Traditional Houses

Here i will share about traditional houses in a few countries...

*Traditional Japanese Houses have one storey and are made of wood. There are movable paper walls between the rooms and there are no chairs or beds. There are cushions or straw mats called tatami around low tables. At night, these rooms become bedrooms. Most Japanese people now live in concrete blocks of flats and modern brick houses. But in Japanese homes, there`s still one room for traditional tatami rooms.

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Jan.12.2010 Traditional Costumes

Nowadays, you can see people with suits and ties or jeans an
d T-shirt from Los Angeles to Lagos and from Shanghai to Sao Paulo. In most countries, people only dress up in traditional clothes at weddings, festivals, or other special occasions.

---From left to right---

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Jan.09.2010 T.A.T.U Gomenasai

Wanna say sorry to someone in Japanese?
Sing this song. This song is slow and can soothe your heart
(Gomenasai means sorry)


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Jan.07.2010 St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Being a medical assistant is one of a job that need to be considered if you are looking for a job in the health care field. And if you like social activities, that connected with people and you like to help people, this job is a perfect choice for you.

Its job is to help the doctor finish his job perfectly or in the other words is to assist the doctor. Dont underestimate this job because a medical assistant is different than a nurse.

Take vital signs (like temperature, pressure, pulse, respiration)
, weight and measure patient, perform an electrocardiogram and get blood are some of the skills that medical assistants must have.

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Jan.03.2010 Just wanna share my feelings

I hate my mom. I hate her so much. God, i know i shouldnt have ever said that. But, however, i just cant stand her anymore. This is my deepest feelings and im sad because of that.

My mom never cared for our (me and my bro and sis) fate. She only cared about herself and her importance. She think that she has a mission to accomplish and because we are buddhist, she is so diligent to pray. She cared about global warming, she cared about poverty, she cared about doomsday that maybe will happen, but not about us, her children. Not about her husband too.

She doesnt care about our study, how was our score, how was our day at school, etc. I rarely speak with her because sometimes when i talked to her, called her name many times, she ignored me. One time, i even asked her where she was from because she went back at very night. But she replied me, rather harsh, "its none of your business."

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Jan.01.2010 Online gambling casinos

Nowadays, gamble is more and more easy. To gamble, people dont have to come to many gambling places, you just have to sit down in front of your computer, connect your internet connection and open websites for online gambling.

Online gambling casino sites is spreading in internet. These sites offer news, information and reviews and also links where player can play. Many websites for online gambling which is providing many games
such as poker rooms, online casinos, online bingo, blackjack, etc.

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