Feb 3. 2015 ~ Okay. Lesson learned. (QUOTES)

Hi there! Here i am on my second! day of freedom (yey) and in the mood to write again. hihi.

Yeah as much as i enjoy my freedom, (as i already resigned from my last job just two days ago :P) there are some regrets to leave such a pretty-well-paid job (at least for fresh-graduate standards like me). hmmm. But yeah, like i described earlier on my previous post : click here my last job was sooo time-consuming, full of pressure and kinda stressing me out every month. Like, every. Yeah, that`s how marketing goes. How much money you could earn by the end of the month depends on your efforts to make sales EVERY MONTH. Haha!

Either way, it`s my own decision to leave now and i think it`s a perfect time for me to quit and to leave my comfort zone. Life must goes on~ as i wouldn`t have had many times for my free time such as holiday and other self development thingies i have been planning to do if i had stayed there. haha.

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