01.09.2017 // Traveling in Japan part 1

Long time no blogging again! And finally I`m in the mood again to write LOL *as usual's excuse.

Updated (2017)
Said happy new year all! Guess it`s already 2017 now. LOL! I`ve been working on this post since last october 2016 but I always procrastinate until now I decided to finish this post off LOL....

Actually, I`d already wanted to write about how my life is going on in Japan and the places I`ve gone to while I`m here since ages, but due to my lack of time since I have to study Japanese dilligently  due to my laziness, I never actually do it in the end LOL.

So, I went to Nagano-ken (長野県) during school`s autumn break*, the place that I really wanted to go since 2012, (the first time I came to Japan), and it was super amazing that I thought I want to share the pics and write the details of the trip and while I`m at it, thought that I`d also write about the other places I`ve visited also in Japan in full details, hopefully in my next, next, next blog posts!!!! (Hope I can be consistent to my words, this time LOL). 
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