Jul 7, 2015 / Give Thanks for good family and best friends.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I felt unsatisfied with my life, with what all I`ve got. When I see someone else have something that I don`t, I envy much. I`m lacking of gratefulness. For instance, when I see my friend is getting along well with her mom, and looking at their mom pay real attention to them, showing love and care, can be a best companion for them, can be like a friend, a place for them to tell their stories at school or work or in life and from whom they seek advice, I can`t help but comparing myself with my mom, with my family. Because we just don`t get that kind of relationship at home. I don`t ever feel comfortable telling stories or what I feel with my family. (I do share if it’s just a general story, or something funny happened in the day, but if it’s connected with my private life, I just don`t....)

Therefore, I don`t think I have a strong relationship between my family, especially with my mom. I never felt like I`m close with my mom. There is always some distance, border between us. Lack of communication maybe, but it can`t be helped, though, since my mom is having some kind of problem which I couldn`t tell ya exactly. Mom never ask how I feel, never ask simple questions about how was my school, how is work, how is life, how do you feel, and she even forget my birthday. I don`t interact much with mom. She rarely (almost never) cook for us, or waking us up back at my school days or whatever that you think a mom should do. But fortunately, me and my brothers and sister get by since we have maids who take care of it all. So I don`t interact much with mom. And that makes me share my stories to my maid instead. (my maid has been working for my family ever since I was a child, so she is like my family.)

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