Oct.30.2009 DORAEMON ending story

As you know, Doraemon is a story with no ending, but this small story is about the "last episode" of the famous cartoon. Someone made this story and uploaded it to his homepage, and it`s now widely spread all around Japan through internet.
Here it goes...

One day, a very normal day, Nobita came back from school and went upstairs of
his house. Doraemon was there sleeping, just like the other normal day.

"Hey Doraemon. Please wake up. Let`s play!"
But Doraemon does not wake up. Nobita thought that D
oraemon is tired, so he went out to play with Shizuka-chan and the other folks. After few hours, he returned home, but Doraemon was still sleeping. Nobita felt something strange, and tried to wake him up. But there was no reply. He became to feel afraid, and tried again to wake him up. But whatever he does, Doraemon did not wake up.

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Oct.23.2009 Sony Playstation 3 vs Nintendo Wii

About Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii..
The two next-gen consoles..

I wan
na buy the two of them ^^,
At f
irst, i only want Nintendo Wii because the game is funny and the gameplay is unique.
and besides, i can`t afford the price of PS3.
But now, because there`s a rumor that game cross edge and ar tonelico 3 will be released in PS3, i want to buy the two of them!!
(And so, i`m saving money right now ^w^)

This passage is for u, gamer who`re still confused about what will you buy between ps3 and wii!I will explain the difference between the two consoles.

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My Maid is going back home!

My best maid, named Umi who have worked in my home for 3 years is back to her village today and will never work in my home anymore!!
Huwaaa >,< style="font-style: italic;">mbak
Umi will go back tomorrow that means today to her village because she want get married "again".

Why i said again? Because.. >,< her first husband is already passed away many years ago and she become a single parent to take care of her only child, who is in the fourth grade of elementary school now.
From what i heard, her husband lost in the sea and the body hasn`t been found till now because he`s carried away by "Nyi Roro Kidul", someone that is believed to be the ruler of the sea.

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Oct.16.2009 Art Work -Hand-Made doll-

Yesterday, i finished my task from my art teacher in school to make a han
d-made doll from many countries.
We are not allowed to make a doll of the same type of the other student have chosen to made.
E.g : I chose indonesian boy, so my friend can`t pick that again, haha.

And the process of making this doll is simple and easy.
(haha, Sombong mode : on, mentang-mentang uda berhasil buat tanpa dibuatin mba =p)
Because, these dolls can be made without sewing
Just only apply glue ^^
Hmm, these dolls are so cute.
So, here i show you a few the hand-made dolls photos that made by me and my class mate ^^

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Oct.13.2009 Otaku Nation

The modern age of Anime arrive in Japan in the 1960s, and over the course of the next decade or so boomed into the giant robot, space battle genre bender that we would soon recognize as the anime of today.

Evolving over the next 30 years or so, it reached a peak where it could begin to overtake and become an integral part of other cultures, much like the Hollywood of the 1930s quickly grew to encompass the rest of the world and inform their pop culture. In the same manner, American pop culture becomes increasingly informed by the trends and cult response to anime.

Anime first appeared in the US market in the 60s with shows like Kimba the White Lion and Astroboy. However, the national consciousness as to where these shows came from as well as the poor marketing of the shows made them forgettable and rather than a jumping in point, they act as a nostalgic reminder.

When Speed Racer arrived, the beginnings of a true consciousness that Japan was creating something new and exciting began to set in. The popularity of Speed Racer was never that of its American contemporaries, but it created in a set fanbase the willingness to devour newer offerings later on in Starblazers and Robotech (a convoluted perversion of multiple animes, but still a relative success in the states). Still, the affect was mostly underground.
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Oct.12.2009 ***What to do When the lights suddenly dead!!!***

Recently, dying lights is occuring more often.
I will give you a few tips of what to do when the lights suddenly dead..

1. Don`t be panicked!!!
If the lights suddenly dead, especially at night, calm down, don`t be panicked to adapt your eyes in the dark
2. Immediately turn on the light source.
Lit a candle, turn on the flash light or whatever to help you relaxed a bit
3. Ask the position of the other people
It will help you regain the composure
4. Gathered at a place that many people be together
If you afraid of the dark, gathered at one place with your family and you can spend time by chat with them

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Oct.07.2009 About OTAKU

Do u know..
What is OTAKU?

I`m sure many people, especially who loves Japan is familiar with this term.

All this time, many anime/manga fans in Indonesia claim themself as an otaku.
And many people misunderstood the meaning of otaku as a anime/manga fans.

Now, the term of otaku in modern Japan itself is more directed at : "People who obsessed with something or a hobby that can be done all day"
For example,
-People who likes read manga too much (manga otaku) or
-People who likes play game too much (game otaku)

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