My Maid is going back home!

My best maid, named Umi who have worked in my home for 3 years is back to her village today and will never work in my home anymore!!
Huwaaa >,< style="font-style: italic;">mbak
Umi will go back tomorrow that means today to her village because she want get married "again".

Why i said again? Because.. >,< her first husband is already passed away many years ago and she become a single parent to take care of her only child, who is in the fourth grade of elementary school now.
From what i heard, her husband lost in the sea and the body hasn`t been found till now because he`s carried away by "Nyi Roro Kidul", someone that is believed to be the ruler of the sea.

I`m so surprised that i directly confirmed that to Mbak Umi as if it is a lie or truth
And it is true.
She`ll leave my home tomorrow and will prepearing for her wedding party at her village.

I know if she`s having a hard time being a single parent and work in my home as a maid to support her child`s lives that lives at her mother`s house.
I know she want to find someone to depends on and live happilly

I understand that..

But, the unexceptable thing here is THIS IS ALL TOO SUDDEN!
If she had told me in the first place from long time ago, maybe i`ll have prepared my heart to let her go and live happily.

But, however, i must let her go.
She maybe can`t work here again because she must follow her husband and live with him
But she promised to me that someday she`ll visit my home ^w^

Mbak Umi..
My best maid i have ever!
She is quite beautiful

Very dilligent!!
Her cooking is very delicious..
She always help me do my art work (haha =P) including sewing.

She is very helpful.
Very nice and kind.

Sayonara, Mbak Umi
Hope you`ll live happily ever after with him. (hahaha, like a fairy tale)
I`m gonna miss u..


lina@happy family said...

A sad but beautiful story; wish Mbak Umi has a happy life, too

RifkyPanzer™ said...

nice post!


I know you...where is your photo ?
how about japan? give me gift...

dorara said...

@ lina n rifky :
Thank u ^^ I miss her so much.. hope she`ll be happy with her new husband.

@ the painting :
Oh sorry, but i don`t think i know you

adhyz82 said...

ya, biarkan mba umminya bahagia dunks...bukankah dia jua punya keluarga??
kan ada facebook..berkontak aja via facebook...gampan kan??

mollee said...

wishing a happy live for 'mbak umi'

dorara said...

@ adhyz : dia ga punya fb..
hikz >,<

adi_tau8605 said... sad mate..:(

Kiyai Ceret said...

Nice post. Very inspiring story.

pemancing said...

Moga² cepet dapat gantinya ya....
Soal mbak umi...Ntar aku aja yg buatin fb-nya.
Ngomong² mbak Umi alamatnya dimana?? Kayaknya deket ma rumahku.

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