May.28.2010 HATE LETTER ^^

Read this "HATE LETTER"
It`s so funny plus very creative.

This is a love letter from a boy to his girlfriend..
However, the girl`s father does not like him and want him to stop their relationship...
So the boy wrote a letter to the girl...
He knows that the girl`s father will definitely read his letter.

Then, Here it goes...

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May.27.2010 Respect yourself and others please!

Recently, i get very-very mad by one post in Kaskus which very annoying for a fans of japan and one of the cosplayer like me.


By now, the post seems can`t be opened anymore. It seems the post have been deleted.
I don`t know why.
Maybe the one who started the post be ashamed and delete it? Dunno.
I just wanna share my anger here!!!

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May.11.2010 Just a simple note

when i wrote this post, i`m in my state of disappoinment or stressed and all.
although i`m in a long holiday which must make me very happy like what i wrote in my post before.

But, in the reality, many things makes me down lately.
especially about My Mom
she really makes me down. i can`t bear it anymore.
ugh... There`s many-many things that makes i hate her more and more everyday.
huaaaaaaa ><

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