May.11.2010 Just a simple note

when i wrote this post, i`m in my state of disappoinment or stressed and all.

although i`m in a long holiday which must make me very happy like what i wrote in my post before.

But, in the reality, many things makes me down lately.
especially about My Mom
she really makes me down. i can`t bear it anymore.
ugh... There`s many-many things that makes i hate her more and more everyday.
huaaaaaaa ><

Next, is about something that i always yearn for years to get and to get but i couldn`t got it yet.
I chose to keep it my secret and can`t tell what it is even in my blog D:
of course, it can`t be bought with money.

And i hate to be like this!!
I hate it when i envy and jealous with other people`s talent, beauty, etc
I must realized that God create me for who i am.
And i must have my own talent and my own things to be proud of.
Still, i can`t drive my jealousy away when i saw other`s greatness.

I also hate my super-sensitive personality!
I`ll tell in this post that i am very easy to cry..
very-very easy to shed tears..
Anything that annoyed me, although for other people is a simple problem, will makes me cry in a second
I don`t know why my tears come out so sudden.
I always try to not shed tears easily but i can`t help it...

Instead of that, i`m a moody person..
when i cried, if the people who makes me cry apologize to me utterly or maybe makes jokes of me to makes me stop crying, i will stop crying and can smile even laugh again in a second too! :D

strange? but it`s real.

I`m also impatient and easy to bad mood..
I can`t teach my bro and sis the lesson for their school well because i`m impatient and will angry if they can`t understand what i have taught.
So, i think i won`t be a teacher :p

haha. So many things that makes me down lately
I will try to change my bad habit as much as possible.
I don`t want to keep my bad habit till i become an adult, hahaha

I just hope that things will get better :DDD
God Bless Me ^^


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