Apr.29.2010 My activity in this Long-Long Holiday.. yeaaa ^^

For Your Information, i am a third grade of high school student and as you know, the third graders have already passed the national exam, school exam, practical exam that was very exhausting. And since i`ve graduated from high school and will be entering college maybe this august or september, so, i`m now in a great long-long holiday! Yeehaaaa :DDDDD (extremely happy)

I`ve planned various activities that i must do in this holiday
I don`t want to wasted my holiday time badly by just wake up in the afternoon every day and just eat-play-sleep like that! XDDD
I must do something useful..!
(Hopefully, i can do all of them :p)

1. Make new posts in my two blogs, this blog and All About Japan and Korea as much as possible.
Won`t be so lazy again! By abandoned my blog too much like few months earlier, my blog`s alexa and google page rank has dropped so badly T____T,
Maybe I will be lazy to do blogwalking anymore, but at least i`m trying to make new post as often as possible to increased my writing in english XD
If my writing good, i hope all the readers that come to my blog and read my posts would be satisfied :D

2. Go Jogging around my house every morning >w<
Hmm.. I would be honest that my weights have increased little by litlle and i realized my belly become fatter and fatter each day TAT
Its normal because i can`t reduce the ammount of food i eat because i like to eat :p
More over, i`m very-very lazy to do physical activity :p, dun`t like it.
Okay, maybe now i haven`t as big as giant yet and since i don`t want it to happen, i must take advantage of this long holiday by jogging around my house every morning at least half an hour by listening to the music. If i did that routinely every day, it`ll show big results ^^
(Hope i`m not lazy to wake up in the morning every day)

3. Playing Play station 2 ^^
Hehe, i like playing play station, it`s one of hobby that i like most. But i don`t know why, i am lazy to play it recently. It`s not like before that when i play a game and i like it so much, especially rpg game like Ar tonelico and persona series, i couldn`t stop playing it till 3 am even though tomorrow is a school day and i have a test! haha.
But now, how should i say it. Hmm, i want to play it, but i am lazy. hahaha.
I wasted my time more to sleep (oh, i sleep too much) and online in internet. I must playing play station to continue many games!!
If i go to the games shop, i could buy many games, till 5-6 games, especially rpg one or horror one. But when i got home, i suddenly get lazy to play it. So, my games is so much, but no chance to play it. haha. There are many games too which still not finished.
I must play! I must play! I must play! haha :D

4. Saving up money
I am just 17 last march and just make a BCA account ^^.
I must save up money to put in my account and i don`t want to waste it. Because if i seldom save, the money i put in BCA could be decreased month by month.
Maybe i could work part time this holiday (but where!?) haha, or by helping my dad at his company and i could ask my dad for some money to put in my account :p
I must saving to donate, making more cosplay costume (there`s many costume i wanna make, hehe :D) and buy something i really want ^^

5. Study ..............
It`s not like what you think when you read the first word in this post. Study.. haha.
I don`t have study math, physic, economy or more school subjects anymore cause i`m already graduated! hahahahha :DDD

What i want to study is...

a.) Driving
Since i`m entering college this august or september and the location of the college is quite far from my house, i must learn driving this holiday and get the driving license. Besides, my driver can`t drop me up to the college because it`s pretty far and he must dropped my brother and sister to their school.
And my dad already agree to buy me a car ^^, hope an automatic car and hope i don`t get too clumsy :p
b.) Drawing
I like drawing, it`s one of the hobby that i most like too. I like drawing people like Japanese manga style ^^, but i only can draw face properly, i couldn`t draw the other part of the body too much, like hand, body, feet.. It would be unproportional >.<
Just an amateur, isn`t it? TAT
I wanna learn from my friend who is more expert than me :p
I wish i could do it, because i like it ^^, and maybe i could make manga someday.. hahaha.

c.) English and Japanese language
I wanna speak this two language properly, especially english since it`s an international language. I could learning english more just by playing rpg game which have many-many conversations inside, and i could take a look in dictionary to check what is the meaning of a vocabulary that i don`t know. (hope i am not so lazy to do it :p)
And about japanese, i wanna learn it because i like Japan so much ^^, and there`s many games which released just in japanese T^T and i also have a dream if someday i can go to Japan.
I have taken the japanese course for beginner last October till November. But now, i have quite forgotten few words and phrases =.= So, in this holiday i hope i`m not too lazy to learn it again by reading the Japanese book i got from my course place and practicing.

d.) Editing photo
I wanna learn it because i am interested in looking of my friend, Melisa, in doing it. Her editing results is always so great! I often ask her to edit my photo. She uses photoshop and i know using photoshop is not easy. If i could do it, i could beautify my own photo myself by adding frames, many decoration, ornament and many more ^^

e.) Cooking (Maybe)
haha. Why i said maybe? It`s because i don`t like and can`t cooking :p, even though i`m a woman. My everyday food is always cooked by my maids. hehe.
And i can only cook instant noodles for sure! It`s so easy, just pour water into a pot, put noodles into the pot, turn on the fire, and put the noodles inside it and DONE! It`s very delicious and it`s my favorite food! But don`t eat it too often, because it can harm your body :p
*why did i even explain about instant noodles and how to cook it.? LOL* XD
And yeah, i realized as a woman i must learn how to cook T^T. haha. And if i`m not lazy, i may learn cook one recipe from my maid.
Maybe i will learn cooking for sure when i get married soon. hahahahha XD
*still about 10 years later or more!*

f.) Sewing (Maybe)
Same as cooking, sewing is one activity that i "maybe" learn in this holiday. haha. I don`t like sewing too. Ugh, i don`t like many things. I`m scared if i get stuck by the needles.
Hmmm, why i want to learn sewing?
Because i like cosplaying (costume play). It means you dressed like a character in Japanese anime or game, etc and posed with it like the real character.
And the fee for making one costume isn`t cheap T^T
Moreover, a costume that requires a lot of fabric and the design is hard to make, can charge you about one million rupiah`s or maybe more. It haven`t include wig, weapon (if the character have), and the shoes yet. It can costs you more >.<
My friend, who can sew said that she could reduce the fee of making costume outside by sewing herself. So, the only fee she paid is only for the fabric.
So, i will learn it if i don`t lazy (again) haha.
But still, if i could sew, i still prefer sewing outside because i`m too lazy. hahaha. *must change this bad behavior TAT*

6. And finally, Go to........ ^^
Holiday time isn`t perfect if i just staying at home, don`t go anywhere :p
a.) Puncak!
I have already planned to go to Puncak, to my villa there. I wanna go there maybe about a week in the middle of June. Just like last year, i wanna go there not only with my brother and sister, but also with my friends plus my maid and my driver ^^. (My parents don`t come, must work! haha) But i think this time, my friends who want to come is more than last year. I`m sure to be having fun there and also we could said farewell because most of us go to a different universities. I`ve planned many activities to do there, like having barbeque, playing cards together, go to many places and many more :D

b.) Kidzania
I know this place sounds childish. haha. But it`s really please me. I have already gone there once and i`m having fun ^^ I wanna go there again with my friends this holiday. We`ve planned it.

c.) of course, Mall..!
Mall, a place to hang out with friends, maybe just walking around, window shopping, watch movies in cinema, eat, karaoke and more.

d.) Friend`s house
Just to play at friend`s house. A different scene than usual. haha.

e.) Cosplay event ^^
Many cosplay event is held everywhere and most of it held in Mall or university. I wanna come and have fun cosplaying. Just walking around and take a picture with others :D
Because it`s holiday i can come to all event, especially near my house! haha.

Okay, this is the list of all activity i wanna do in this 4-months holiday! Hope i can do all of them!! hehe. (maybe it`s impossible) hahaha.


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