jan.18.2013 flood.flood.flood in jakarta. X_x

Due to heavy rain that pours down in jakarta and it surrounding areas these few days, flood was inevitable to happen and it started from yesterday morning when the rain won`t stop falling from the night before yesterday. x__x"

It caused great traffic jam everywhere and stopped every economic activity, and make schools and universities must dismiss it students from learning activities for this two days due to the flood that happens in most areas in Jakarta. Even my university must postponed the exams that's supposed to due today for students who take short semester. Little luck in distress for those :p
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jan.15.2013 : narcism time x_X

Hello all (。◕‿◕。)
guess it`s already 2013~~
yupp, new spirit for this year ahead and hope good things will happen this year for all of us. :))

Btw, i`m home!!!~ back to my hometown again~ lalala..
and finally just get a chance to get online again and updating this blog after my two-week trip to japan! :)))) it`s fun and amaziing but will post it later in my next post about my experiences in japan :p

already almost 4 am in the morning now but i can`t sleep yet. just wanna put some photos of mine here for today's post;

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