jan.15.2013 : narcism time x_X

Hello all (。◕‿◕。)

guess it`s already 2013~~
yupp, new spirit for this year ahead and hope good things will happen this year for all of us. :))

Btw, i`m home!!!~ back to my hometown again~ lalala..
and finally just get a chance to get online again and updating this blog after my two-week trip to japan! :)))) it`s fun and amaziing but will post it later in my next post about my experiences in japan :p

already almost 4 am in the morning now but i can`t sleep yet. just wanna put some photos of mine here for today's post;


all of these photos were taken anywhere, anytime, as i like it, and all of which were taken from my ipod~hha
just don`t mind my narcism for now 8__8

okay that`s all for now. i guess i have to sleep now.. u___u"
have a nice day all and see you later in my next post :))


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Terima kasih atas semua infonya, salam sukses..

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