Dec.11.2012 : Why do i love Japan so much

This is like the continuation of my story about my previous post, when i described how much i wanna go to Japan and now i will tell ya why do i love Japan so much..XD
Warning : This could be a long post. hahaha.

1.) I`ve already read many mangas and watched japanese movies since i was a kid. Maybe it was the first reason that makes me got attracted to a country named Japan. From reading and watching, it makes me really curious about how's life in Japan, like its culture, its festival, its its its, etc., I imagined how`s my life would be if i were a japanese teenager who studied there. It seems fun..hahaha.

2.) I really admired Japanese people's life style, like they're very discipline, focus, and time-oriented. No wonder its technology's been developing so fast. So high-tech, wooo. Wondering if Indonesian people would take that as an example someday if we want to make an advanced country :p

3.) And i really like its products and cultrures,too and then, making it as my hobbies. I like playing games the most. I also like cosplaying, watching animes, reading mangas (especially japanese comics), drawing, etc. 

i will tell ya more about this point :p

*The Japanese games i like, most of it playstation games, especially RPG one :)
Games i like : Persona, ar tonelico, atelier series, kingdom hearts, harvest moon, Mana Khemia, Tekken, Resident Evil, Rune factory, Luminous Arc, and, etc, etc, etc!~ many more! just come to my house and take a look at my list of gamesXD 

(Btw, these games i just described are not online games, it can be played in playstation 2, playstation 3, nintendo DS, PSP, etc..)

Why do i love these games?
its graphic and art design is very nice. love the styles and costumes of the characters. I always love the stories of the games too, it`s always interesting to know the story about something, right?
if you dunno these games just google it and then try to play it! 
Highly reccomended by : ME! huahaha

playing games's been proven could influencing your english very much, especially when you play RPG games which requires you to know its stories and to read many conversations beetween characters that appears frequently with of course many hard words *huahaha

*I also like cosplaying. It was officially started around my second year of high school, after i met Marsha/Kyoko Rin and she's been my best buddy in Cosplay thingy till now. 

ehm, the story starts from here;

Around my last year in Junior high school, i hadbeen crazy about this one game, Ar tonelico : melody of elemia, in playstation 2. It is a Role Playing Game (RPG) created by Banpresto and Gust, which also the developer of other RPG games that i also really loves, like atelier series and mana khemia.

the cover of ar tonelico on playstation 2

At that time, my friend that sit besides me, Melisa, also a gamer like me. XD i`m lucky, i think. Because it`s so rare to find a female gamer, who is also our friend, i mean who you are also close with.:D 
(but the difference is, she's like a Final Fantasy series' freaky LOL, yeah, she loves games, especially games from Square Enix. I love it too, but i prefer banpresto and gust games more.) 

Okay, so i made her play this game too, and then she's get addicted too..:p And it makes me happy playing it to the end, and we were like competing who will be finishing it first :p, when we arrived at school, our first topic was about our progress of this game.hahah..XD

I`ve been playing it continuously, and even remembering and taking notes of the conversations LOL! Love the story of that game, love LYNER!! He is the main character in that game. He's like, so handsome (i think, ), so considerate, kind, friendly, strong, has a high responsibility in finishing his task and all and all and all. LOL
(lyner chibi mode - lyner real) uuh so handsome, isn`t he?

and most of all, i love the design of the places, all of the characters, and costumess!!! Each of female characters have many choices of very cute costumes besides their standard costume! huaaaa XDD

and what makes me into it back then was, i think one of the character have quite similar personality as me..haha. (i won`t say it, though, you have to play the game for yourself and find out who i mean..:p)

if you wanna know more about this game, just click here
=> Ar tonelico

FYI : Ar tonelico now has reached its third series which its newest series was released in playstation 3, with of course, a nicer graphic and better game style. I`ve already played it all, but still, my favorite ar tonelico series ever is the first ar tonelico, from its story and character, i think. :p

ar tonelico qoga at ps3
(if i remembered now, it`s so exciting, having a friend who has the same hobbies like you, yet makes me looks like a really freaky or otaku or something, -_- but actually we're not like that la,haha, we just love playing games, that's all.)

Actually, writing this post kinda makes me miss her, because we're not in the same school again after that. We've got different senior high schools, and also different universities and majors. Being busy in our activities, sometimes we still meet on holiday when we have time. And besides, our home is pretty close so why shouldn't we? I`ve never find a female gamer anymore who i`ve been close too, so yeah it feels different now LOL.

okay, back to the topic on hand again.. like, about how i was getting into cosplay

Okay, so, dunno how, i am getting acquainted with her, Marsha, in a social networking, FRIENDSTER haha it`s already outdated now :p, as most of people's been transmigrating to Facebook and twitter more.

me (left) marsha (right)
And we both used to love ar tonelico series very much. And then, and then, after some chats and conversations, we decided to meet at PRJ, like a big hall which usually used for exhibition or something. I don`t remember what kind of event exactly, but i think it`s a big Cosplay (Japanese event). And i remembered that i've got a Doraemon map which handed freely as a gift :P
That was my first time seeing cosplay live. And makes me wanna cosplaying too.., it seems fun:) 

After that, we agree to cosplaying it together, Ar tonelico, me as Misha Arsellec Lune and she as Aurica Nestmile, and officially, making it as my first cosplay at a cosplay event :)
And it was also my first time joining cosplay competition, too. but of course we lost. haha, clearly, lack of preparation and experience. (we just practiced on the same day as the competition) -_-

first cosplay!! marsha (left) as aurica nestmile - me (right) as misha arsellec lune

oh, and btw, if you want to know more about the characters which we were posing into, just search it in google~~ lalala. but of course don`t expect much from my cosplay ;;;__________;;;;
i know my cosplay is still far from the original character ...T_T

The more i`m into it, the more i love it. It`s already been about 3 years since my first cosplay and by now, i already own about 10 costumes more or less, and that means i already become 10 different characters! XD
(i will post my cosplay photos maybe later in different post-different topic)

Cosplay is fun!! I mean, to be posing around like your favorite character, wearing cute costumes, wearing colorful wigs with many hairstyles, wearing make up, it makes me looks like a different personXD and you can get more friends from this hobby who share same interests with you.

i don`t like joining cosplay competition. At one side, i don`t know what to be performed on the stage and its kinda embarassing lol, and another side is, i just wanna cosplay for fun! Just by walking around wearing your costumes, posing and taking pictures especially :p

okay enough with the

4.) I loves the sound of all the seasons in Japan, like the beauty of Sakura in Spring, the excitement of Firework festival in summer (called "hanabi" in Japan) where we could wear a cute yukata, the view of orange autumn leaves which fall down the street and the cold of winter's snow in Japan which is a perfect timing to celebrate christmas and new year (white christmas) :)

(yeah, i`m very curious about any 4-season-countries, especially since my country is only have 2 season, rainy season and dry season -_-, so boring sometimes hha)

5.) FYI : one of my favorite cartoon till now is DORAEMON (he's so cute!!!! a blue fat cat robot that comes from the future, 2112 to be exact, which makes me wanna hug him so bad! Plus, he has so many things that will really really help us and he is so kind haha)

i don`t mind if i`m being called "childish" for still liking Doraemon at my age (i`m still 19 now, what's your problem LOL), but i`m sure no one, even the aged one can`t deny that  if only Doraemon were really real, our daily life would be more easier, right? right? :)

love this blue fat cat robot very much :*

i think Fujiko F Fujio's imagination is very high for being able to create a character like that, a robot that comes from the future to help a kid. (wish that kid was me, but i don`t wanna be a dumb nobita LOL) plus many items that he has from his miracle pocket to make life easier. (i want all of the items, especially a door that can go everywhere you want and a time machine,XD)
It`s like everything could be done and is possible with the help of Doraemon. Yeah, bery dream-like.:) 

6.) And the last but not least : I love Japan!! (but don`t get me wrong yeah. It doesn`t mean i don`t love Indonesia, though.)


ps : when this post is published, i`ve not posted any photos yet :p, my laptop is still being fixed, using old computer for the mean time T.T
later will entered some picts :D

still in final exams..meh..must study hard and JAPAN awaits me XD
wish me luck for final exams yea? XD


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