Nov.27.2012 Will visit JAPAN very soon :)

Yup (~‾ ▽‾)~ 
Today is November 27,2012 and one month later, exactly on December 27,2012 i will be going to JAPAN..!! It`s my dream country since i was a child.. Really looking forward to it..:)

It's fixed now :p yeah i FINALLY bought the ticket two days ago after many consideration with my friend, Marsheilani, who is my elementary school's friend about which airlines we should use and the prices, the date, etc//...

So, we choose to take a round-trip ticket from Jakarta, Indonesia to Osaka, Japan from Dec27,2012 till Jan 9,2013..that means we'll be spending NYE (New Year Eve) in Japan woohooo ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ must be one amazing experience..haha..:)



So it was all started on my last year holiday, on last february 2012, when me and my friends, Desy, Venny and Lidyana were taking trip to Singapore for about 5 days if i`m not mistaken. Then we made a plan to met with Marsheilani there, as she was studying in Singapore that time.

from left to right : venny-desy-me-lidyana in apartment in SG

We spent time with her about one day in Singapore and she told me that she wanna go to Japan this December for 2 weeks to travel and visiting her friend, Cela, who is studying in Japan and she happens to be my friend's sister, (Desy's sister). And she asked me and Desy if we wanna joined her, too.

from left to right : desy-me-marsheilani with super big curry

At that time, i didn`t really think about it too much. I really do wanna go to Japan, but i was thinking about how much it would costs, too. And i`m feel sorry for my father, like, i just go to Singapore and when i come back to jakarta, i asked him, "dad, can i go to Japan next december?" ...haha.

It`s not like my dad will forbid me. He`s very kind and generous about giving money to his children, but i just feel bad if i asked him immediately after that.hahaha




About last august or september 2012, i forgot, i just bought one more travelling book to Japan, yeah i have already had 3 of it, like a guide book in Japan, or a story about living in Japan :p, just like some references if someday i will be going to Japan LOL.
After reading it and another books i have, i felt a sudden urge to go to Japan...
It must be a very beautiful country 
..Japan..Japan..Japan.. it echoes in my mind. 

Why do i love Japan so much? ==

And at that time, i remembered Marsheilani's offer.
I asked her if she's still doing her plan, and she said, yeah, and she told me to asked my father first if i will be permitted to go to Japan or not.

And yeah as i predicted before, my father said yeah i can go XDDDD 
(although i`m afraid to ask him at first, as the costs to go to Japan would be real expensive) 


Our first plan were just travel and visit my friend's sister, Cela, and Indonesian who studied there for 2 years now and we are planning to meet in Tokyo with her later and spending time together. 

We also wanna visit other places like Osaka and Kyoto, but unfortunately Cela doesn`t want to accompany us because she's just visited those places on her last holiday and lacks of money :p (yeah, i kind of understand that LOL)

At first, some confusing thoughts were coming to my mind because we don`t use tour or travel agent X_X, yeah just me and Marsheilani going to Japan.

What if we got lost there? I heard the rail tracks is confusing when we don`t know anything about it and we are very unfamiliar, of course about Japanese languange (language barrier, eww) We do could speak english but i heard most Japanese can`t speak english very well? 

but i don`t mind it too much because i think this is a great opportunity for me to go to Japan, because it`s hard finding a friend who want to travel together to Japan :( as it`s already been known as one of the most expensive country as a destination for travelling. Besides we are planning to go on December, heyyyy! We will be like, spending christmas and new year there!


Then, i try this website, named CouchSurfing 
Okay, so i made an account of it, and i tried to input our itinenary, about our estimation arrival and departure date and time, and our destination cities, and i started to request hosts to the Japanese.

The results is not so good at first, but i`m still happy to get responses from the Japanese XD
they seemed so friendly, although some of their english is not so good and they can`t host us at that time, (yeah, because it`s like holiday season, especially on christmas and new year, when people must be spending time with their families or being very busy.) but they're still giving me warm reply, here's few examples;

"hi sorry for late reply,and It would not possible to host you guys these days,,,but hope you will have wonderful time in japan"

 Thanks for your request !
 Unfortunately, I'm going to travel from Dec 30 to Jan 15 to Argentina so I don't think I can host you this time. Sorry !!
 I'm so grad you're interested in Japan. I think you will like Japan. There are too many exciting places here. True. :)
 If you will get a chance to come to Tokyo next time, let me know !"

 "Hello !
Thank you for the request.
 I'm sorry but my house is already full of couch surfers on that day.
 Please enjoy Osaka!"

Thank you for your CS request.
 I'm afraid I'm not available on those dates,I'm so sorry.
I hope you meet nice local people and have a lovely time in Kyoto!"

"Hello! Mari!
 Thank you for a message.:)
I'm sorry. In December, we are very busy with work.
 So there is not a plan to make a host now.
 If time matches us when you came, I cannot know whether I can go out together.
 In addition, please contact it when I come to Japan.
 I cannot answer now. I'm sorry.
 Have a nice trip :)"

and many more!


But then, as the time passes, i got many positive responds and i got many offerings too, from the Japanese people who offering their place for me to stay..:D
I don`t think i could accept all of it, if their place is too far from the centre of the city, it will just waste our time and our money on transportation.. Still grateful for them, they are so kind :')

"Hi, thank you for sending a message me! I just started Couch Surfing these days, so my profile is not complete but I'm glad you sent a message me! 
I live in Tokyo, but my house is a little bit far from center of Tokyo, it takes one hour and a half. If you're fine, maybe you can stay my house. Think about it! :)"

I read your request. It is wonderful for you two to visit Kyoto. Kyoto has many traditional Japanese temples, shrines and gardens. I have visited almost all of them, so I can show you Kyoto. Of course you can stay my apartment lightheartedly.
I hope you to enjoy your days in Kyoto.
Best wishes"

"Hi nice to meet you!
You can stay at my house whenever you want.
Just let me know please!
 I can pick you up anywhere in Kyoto city by my car."

"I saw your couch request: )
I'm living in Osaka, nearby Tenojistation, which can directly access from KTX.
Maybe I can host you, once you fixed the schedule , please let me know.
Don't forget some coat XD Japan is much colder than your hot country!"


And then, i wrote in that website's forum/some kind of groups titled  "JAPAN", and am looking for anyone who wanna travel together around Japan at next December and January, especially in Osaka and Kyoto, where we would be alone, just the two of us T___T

And unexpectedly, i`ve got many positive feedbacks from the others.XD It seems many people travel to Japan too at that time, huh? to celebrate christmas and new year, of course. I`ve got some responses from many people all around the world, including the one from Netherlands, United States, etc who is going to Japan too around that time. Even got some responses from the fellow Indonesian too :p, one of them even has the same almameter as me. LOL.

I think this website is good to make more friends from all around the world, you could also be the host for peoples who wanna come to your country, if you're not busy of course. Just try to be friendly to others if you wanna be treated like that,too..:)

So, to make the long story short...(i`m sleepy already, it`s been long enough, hasn`t it? :p)

The plan is,that would be about more or less, the 9 of us, will be travelling together on December 28-29 to Osaka and Kyoto also Kobe and Nara, nearby them. On December 30 will be going to Tokyo, of course on December 31 we will spend New Year Eve together, maybe in Roppongi Hills, which is reccomended by many. XD
(it`s gonna be fun i think, celebrating new year, in another country, with people from many countries :))

This is just a plan, though. Because me and Marsheilani must adjust our schedule with Cela, too. About when she should arrive at our destination point of meeting in Tokyo. She said that if she go to Tokyo around December 30/31 from her original place at Beppu, it will be real expensive :( i feel bad for her. And still waiting for her news. So it's not sure yet that we would be following the other's or not.

Well, the place that we will surely go is of course to the theme parks! Disneyland and disney sea in Tokyo and Universal Studio japan in Osaka.XD
I wanna go to the shopping street too, like shibuya, Harajuku and akihabara in Tokyo. And Marsheilani said she wanna visit Gotenba, Factory Outlet, not too far with Mt.Fuji, of course will go there too ;)

One thing is, i wanna see snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 
i`ve never seen it before and so curious :p hope i don`t get a flu or sick..haha, guess i must bring a real thick coat.!


Well, that should be it.:)

Hope our trips will be fun (it must be!)

Hope someday i will get a chance again to come to Japan but really wanna go to it again around March or April when it`s spring when the sakura blooms :) it must be really beautiful. LOL (you even haven`t go there yet for once and you already said you wanna go there again some time) huahahaha.


Okay, back to the reality now :(

The reality is, in a moment, hmm, about 2 weeks more, i will be facing my final exams in this fifth semester first before my christmas and new year holiday. 

Okay no more time for slacking off!!!!!


I can do it. I must do it. I will do it. LOL

Wish me Luck, guys :D


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