Feb.28.2011 March is near-- -- --

Today is the last day of february 2011 and tomorrow is already march 1st!!

March comes means...

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Feb.20.2011 Saliva can makes your CD`s work again?

Your saliva can makes your CD work out!!

Yes, maybe it sounds gross or disgusting but it`s the fact.!
And i have proved it by myself

It started when my bro wants to play the playstation 2`s games so badly, if i am not mistaken, Resident Evil 4 and makes him so desperate that the game won`t start how many times he tried to take off the CD and put it up again.

He tried to wipe it with tissue and still, the game won`t start.
He tried to wash it with clean water and wipe it till dry, but it also doesn`t work
My bro get confused because he just bought the CD not too long ago, and he rarely played it again.

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Feb.20.2011 My Decision

I am what i am
I am different, i am unique~
I have freedom to do anything i want
I am an individual who can control my life
Nobody can control my life, my fate, except me, myself~

So, if there are any people who don`t like me the way i am, i won't care anymore
Because if i care, i will just hurt myself even more
It always makes me compare myself to other people who i thinks is better than me and makes me envy them.

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