Feb.28.2011 March is near-- -- --

Today is the last day of february 2011 and tomorrow is already march 1st!!

March comes means...

-my birthday is coming soon and i`m getting older one more year again, left my 17 to 18 *ewww*
-dunno why, it`s my favorite month. Maybe because it`s a month when my birthday is, or a month which have the first three words the same as my name :D
-days, weeks, even months move very fast that i don`t even realize it that it`s almost march already..!! *so, i mustn`t wasting my time again? hahaha*
-i`m getting old-getting old-getting olddd.. *echoes
(something that is unavoidable for every human but i really hate being old, ughh it sucks -.-'')
-the mid term test will begin very soon~~

hahaha.. weww...
And so, no matter what happens, i will keep doing my best!!!
hope my birthday wishes will be come true soon!?



Kodok Goreng said...

Wuih, cepat juga ya. Rasanya yang kemaren itu kayak baru beberapa hari aja. Besok ada pesta lagi ga? Kalo ada jangan lupa diundang ya.

nolovesca11 said...

you maked a great story...
i like your story...
keep posting

Dorara said...

@ ko kodok :
yeah, times flew very fast without i realized it and i will getting old one again *hiks hiks*
umm, i dunno whether i`ll make a party again or not. if i make, i will tell ya ko~ ^^

@ nolovesca11

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