Mar.24.2010 Save Water at all cost.!

In one side, our world appeared to have so much water flowing and waste water too much. Meanwhile, maybe in the other side of our world, clean water is very scarce and very expensive.

We often underestimated our country, Indonesia and compared it to other country. But don`t you know.? I think we must look from many side.
Try to visit a few neighboring countries and you will know that some countries count on other countries in order to get clean water and of course price of water in there could be twice or more than in Indonesia. In this position, you can be grateful that in our country, a bottle of mineral water can be obtained with only 2.000 rupiah`s

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Mar.12.2010 Why i am so lazy?? T^T

As you know, this blog is more and more rarely updated.
Even more, the rangkings of this blog is decreased dramatically. =_="
That`s reasonable because i rarely do blogwalking recently and only write new posts less than 5 last month.


Nevertheless, this blog is still better than my other`s blog All about Japan and Korea
I only write one post for last month TAT

When i checked up my blog rankings in alexa, i know that this blog rank`s must be dropped, but i don`t think the rangkings will dropped so greatly....
from about 200.000 to about 300.000!!!!!!!!!!!
I`m pretty sure it`ll be hard to increased it again.
OH NO.. >.<

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Mar.06.2010 Watch out for candy drugs!

After targetting and making night spots and residential as a location for consume and transaction for drugs, now the drug dealers syndicate started to pick students in some schools as their target.

The action of the syndicate makes many parents in Jakarta worried. A short Message Service (SMS) that was published to many parents said that many candy drugs have spread in a elite school which located at kebon jeruk, west Jakarta. The candy drugs is packed attractively with many colours and flavor, such as strawberry, chocolate, peanut, cola, cherry, grape and orange. Therefore, children may interested and bought it.

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