Mar.06.2010 Watch out for candy drugs!

After targetting and making night spots and residential as a location for consume and transaction for drugs, now the drug dealers syndicate started to pick students in some schools as their target.

The action of the syndicate makes many parents in Jakarta worried. A short Message Service (SMS) that was published to many parents said that many candy drugs have spread in a elite school which located at kebon jeruk, west Jakarta. The candy drugs is packed attractively with many colours and flavor, such as strawberry, chocolate, peanut, cola, cherry, grape and orange. Therefore, children may interested and bought it.

The design of the candy is round and crystal, almost similar as Pop Rock candy. At a glance, it`s hard to identify whether the candy is consisted of drugs or not. Nevertheless, when children suck the candy, they`ll feel his/her tongue and mouth hissing. That makes them addicted to that candy.

The sender of the message persuade parents to be careful. Parents were remembered to forbid their children received candy from everyone, especially a complete stranger. Many parents become anxious due to this case and hoped for the police to captured the drug dealers quickly.
Even though the children are not the victim, that doesn`t mean that drugs problems is finished.

The drug dealers no longer considered the age of their target, the more important for them is their business is success. With no sense of guilt, they put drugs inside snack for children.

For example, the case that happened in a kindergarten at south jakarta. The drug dealers insert the drugs inside a chocolate candy named Happy V at 2008. You can imagine how is the effect if that candy consumed by children. Their mental and physic could be ruined. Drugs element is also inserted at another food like jelly and chocolate so that can attract children`s attention.

So, guys, please be careful...
Don`t received food from someone you don`t know.

We just can hope for all the drug dealers to be captured.


Administrator Frelia said...

hahaha, permen cicak tuh ya

dorara said...

@ cc frel
itu narkobaa cc wkwk

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