Mar.12.2010 Why i am so lazy?? T^T

As you know, this blog is more and more rarely updated.
Even more, the rangkings of this blog is decreased dramatically. =_="
That`s reasonable because i rarely do blogwalking recently and only write new posts less than 5 last month.


Nevertheless, this blog is still better than my other`s blog All about Japan and Korea
I only write one post for last month TAT

When i checked up my blog rankings in alexa, i know that this blog rank`s must be dropped, but i don`t think the rangkings will dropped so greatly....
from about 200.000 to about 300.000!!!!!!!!!!!
I`m pretty sure it`ll be hard to increased it again.
OH NO.. >.<

I realized that i become more and more lazy from day to day.
If i remembered when i was at junior high school, i started study at night when tomorrow was an exam day.

But now, at this third grade of senior high school, i started study at the morning when the test began!! o_o
And i only playing ps2, and online at night although i realized tomorrow will be an exam day.
And after that, i usually will be very sleepy and go to sleep without thingking about my exam.

GYAAAAA!! I must change this bad behavior but so difficult =_="
How can i change it??

Furthermore, less than 2 weeks again i will be faced the national exam that will determined whether i can graduated from senior high school or not.
Even though i think the preparation is enough from school, but i still scared.

I must studied harder, yeah maybe not too harder but just at least a little harder than before :p
I must got good score with at least minimal 80 points for all subjects. Can i? XDD

Of course not if i keep being lazy like this >,<

I must work harder from now on.
Hope my laziness will be decreased.
haha XD

And one of my target is make new posts in either my two blogs at least one post per day.
hahaha :P

Hope my target will be come true ^^


Angie's Site said...

ganbatte kudasai! hehe..

dorara said...

Thanks angie :D
i will fight!! XD

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