Mar.24.2010 Save Water at all cost.!

In one side, our world appeared to have so much water flowing and waste water too much. Meanwhile, maybe in the other side of our world, clean water is very scarce and very expensive.

We often underestimated our country, Indonesia and compared it to other country. But don`t you know.? I think we must look from many side.
Try to visit a few neighboring countries and you will know that some countries count on other countries in order to get clean water and of course price of water in there could be twice or more than in Indonesia. In this position, you can be grateful that in our country, a bottle of mineral water can be obtained with only 2.000 rupiah`s

However that doesn`t mean that we, as a human and as a part of the world, can relaxed and still waste water. With the population of human that keep growing of course increase their needs for water.

We must change our behavior that waste water futily start from ourself...

Here, i will give a few simple tips to save water;

*When brush teeth or wash hand, turn off the tap water while not in use.

*Turn off the water when wash hair can save till 150 gallon per months.

*Use Washing machine as wise as you can, only when the clothes is fulfilled the capacity of the washing machine. This will save till 1000 gallons per months.

*Don`t use bath tub for take a bath. Maybe it`s more relaxing when use bath tub, but the water will be wasted futily. It`s better use shower or scoop to take a bath.

*Use water that not too dirty and still useful to other necessity. For example, water that used to wash vegetables and fruits can be used again for watering plants.

*Fixed leakage of tap water or toilet at once. If not, it can wasted water till 300 gallons per months, even more than that.

Okay, maybe this tips is easy but if you do this properly, you can save water till 300-500 gallons per months.!

Let`s save our water.!! ^^


Bang Ancis said...

Hmmm great article, Water is the lifeblood...

AKI said...

I can't speak english well, just blogwalking here, nice post..

dorara said...

@ bang ancis :
Yeah right.. If there`s no food, we may survived for one weeks but we will die if there`s no water in few days..

@ AKI :
That`s alright.. I can`t speak english well too, i`m just trying and thanks :)

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