Apr.23.2010 The Red SKy

The sky recently is so good. So beautiful :D
It`s not like usual i think
So, i took a few pictures of it.

It`s the sky onto my house ♥


Karlz said...

Wow keren ^_^

impotenta said...

That`s great picture and really a great sky :)

dorara said...

@ all :
thanks ^w^

Anonymous said...

Peace and Blessings Marii, I did'nt waste anytime. I'm a man of my word and the young man,hopefully you will never forget. Ok,ok I'm the young man in the mall that put in good honest work. Not to work you over but instead work with you and build companionship and possibly something else later. I dont know we shall see. Peace and Blessings!!!

dorara said...

@ anonymous :
Who are you and when we meet in the mall?? -.-

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