Nov.17.2014 / Wonder....

It`s now 1.25 AM and the clock is ticking near me, and i`m sitting right here in front of the computer. It`s not day off anymore, not sunday. Now is already monday, i guess..

Been so bussssssssssy lately...fiuh T.T, that i haven`t made the continuation of my last red tour 2014 trip or my japan trip as i promised i would do in my last post before.. Well.... 

And now just found myself stumbled accross my abandoned blog again and kinda having some urge to write down my random thoughts and wonder right now.

You know, they said that once you finished up your whole obligatory education level (as it is min 12 years of study), that`s the moment that you`d feel yourself lost of what to do next. And that`s exactly what`s happening to me right now.

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Jun 27, 2014/ How I Love Taylor Swift and Red Tour Jakarta 2014 part 1

Okay, maybe its a lil too late now to post this up now. But still, i wanna post this teehee :p

First of all, i`m sure you all who are reading my blog right now must know who is Taylor Swift, right? right?A young, beautiful, and talented musician and singer, especially in country music who have won many awards and popular with her specialty in writing story-telling songs.

Here it is. Say hello to the beautiful Ms.Swift
I admire her so much, how she is able to turns her problems, her life, her love stories into lyrics, usually narrative one which could give us so much detail about what`s her story in that particular song yet comes up with beautiful tune and melody which can be relatable to our life somehow. Not many people could easily do that. I mean, if it was me, if i had a terrible love relationship, like i was dumped or something, i'd prefer not to talk about it much out of embarrassment and all. Even not many people are dare to publicize their personal life. But she is different. She is strong and brave. She takes her bad experiences and depression in life as a weapon to talks about what she wants and feels. And in her case, she turns it all into a lyric with so much emotions and feelings pouring inside it which is then becoming a song. And that's how she made her name. Plus, she can play many instruments too such as guitar, banjo and ukulele. Plus plus plus, she is way toooo beautiful, tall and fashionable. She's got those perfect girl materials! If she wasn`t a singer, i think she could become a model easily. And she (may be) the prettiest western singer EVER! (IMO up till now)
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May 18,2014/ FRIENDS :)


Well, as you know, as you grow up in life, you will socialize and make up friends with others, as we, humans are social beings. From your childhood days till your old days, you will meet a lot of different people. Some you only know. Some you meet and become your acquaintances. Some were close enough to hang out with you. Some shares a more deeper bonds with you. But only few who are still willing to be by your side whatever happened, helping you without asking anything in return and stays in your heart as your true friend as "friend" may come into your life and then go before you know it but "true friend" stays there forever. 
(turns out i can be this poetic enough *amazed of myself* maybe this is a hidden talent of mine? Possibly? Lol.)

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Apr.18.2014/ Feel like starting to write again after hiatus for a long time?

I said, "Hello!" for you, yes you, my loyal readers who're currently reading this. hahaha.
Yeah i finally made a coming back to this blog! *hip hip hoorayyy* 
Do you miss me? :) Eh, sorry don`t have to ask that obvious answer to that question! I know i`m lovable enough to be missed. *gyaaa* XD *forgive my overconfidence. hehe. ...

It`s been like, 1 year and more already since my previous post (about the flood? check it just now. wow.). and i also wrote in some posts before that i will make a full story about my first trip to japan last december (2012)? in my upcoming post. lol (and its already like, mid april 2014 now ...)!!

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