Jun 27, 2014/ How I Love Taylor Swift and Red Tour Jakarta 2014 part 1

Okay, maybe its a lil too late now to post this up now. But still, i wanna post this teehee :p

First of all, i`m sure you all who are reading my blog right now must know who is Taylor Swift, right? right?A young, beautiful, and talented musician and singer, especially in country music who have won many awards and popular with her specialty in writing story-telling songs.

Here it is. Say hello to the beautiful Ms.Swift
I admire her so much, how she is able to turns her problems, her life, her love stories into lyrics, usually narrative one which could give us so much detail about what`s her story in that particular song yet comes up with beautiful tune and melody which can be relatable to our life somehow. Not many people could easily do that. I mean, if it was me, if i had a terrible love relationship, like i was dumped or something, i'd prefer not to talk about it much out of embarrassment and all. Even not many people are dare to publicize their personal life. But she is different. She is strong and brave. She takes her bad experiences and depression in life as a weapon to talks about what she wants and feels. And in her case, she turns it all into a lyric with so much emotions and feelings pouring inside it which is then becoming a song. And that's how she made her name. Plus, she can play many instruments too such as guitar, banjo and ukulele. Plus plus plus, she is way toooo beautiful, tall and fashionable. She's got those perfect girl materials! If she wasn`t a singer, i think she could become a model easily. And she (may be) the prettiest western singer EVER! (IMO up till now)

She is just GORGEOUS
look at how pretty she is
i love this dress~!
I`ve been loving Taylor since late 2010 i think. I remember perfectly that her first song i ever heard was Love Story when i went karaoke-ing with my high school friends. I did heard the song somewhat before as it was used as a soundtrack at a scene on Letters to Juliet, a movie that was played in the cinemas back there, but i didn`t know who sing it before. The song was surely fits the movie, with the same romeo and juliet theme. And I fell in love with her instantly that time as i looked at that song's MV as Taylor looked so pretty like a barbie in there.

This is her in Love Story MV. SO DREAMY right?
In case you wanna see the MV, just click here
After that one moment, i began to find out more information about her, to get to know her better and also got to know her other songs and been adoring her since. I could listened carefully to her songs, digested the lyrics, and trying to get the meaning and feeling inside each song as each one of it are so personal and some are relatable to me somehow. Her songs is on the playlist in my cell most time and i never get bored of it to the point that one of my friend and my bro or sis i forgot even said something like "You don't have any other songs in your cell other than Taylor's, do you?" LOL. And sometimes i would karaoke-ing by myself, and trying to made up such expression and gestures while acted as if i was performing that song live (of course in the bathroom, duh). Haha! Whatever, i just love Taylor Swift. She is my girl crush, ever :3

So, up till now, Taylor has already released 4 albums. Her latest album which was released on late 2012, was called RED and this time, she finally included my country, INDONESIA on the last leg of her RED TOUR. I heard that after red tour asia was finished, then the red tour was over, meaning there were no more red tour. And she will be preparing new songs for her new, fifth album alright, all over again that is said to be due later this year. Is it her fifth album already? How time flies so fast :') I am looking forward for fifth album to be released but bye bye RED era, as you will be missed :')

Cover of RED album
YEAH! IT WAS REALLY HAPPENING! After first heard the news that Taylor was officially gonna come,  and felt sure it was not a hoax after seeing official Taylor Swift video on youtube where she clearly said herself that she put Jakarta under her schedule of her red tour asia, i felt so excited that i always rambled to my friends and family about how i wanted to go to the concert so badly. And i always felt some kind of excitement feeling whenever i watched cornetto ice cream taylor swift edition ad being on air on TV which was featuring small part of taylor's red tour concert. I love how they used RED as the background song on the ad. "Loving him was red~~~" SO IT WAS HAPPENING~ i repeat, IT WAS HAPPENING~

Long awaited RED TOUR, was Officially here like Woo to the Hoo~
It was rare, i was there, and i remember it ALL TOO WELL~~
ok cornetto!
So then, i also bought those cornetto ice creams, intensely. Of course, i didn`t eat those much all by myself, i bought 3-5 per time and shared it with my friends or bro and sis to collect the codes that may be hidden in some of the ice creams. I have bought it about 30-40 in total as Corrnetto was the sponsor on the RED TOUR ASIA so that if your ice cream had a code in it, you could accumulate the codes you gathered to later exchange it with Taylor Swift's merchandises with several codes. Plus, you also got a chance to win lucky draw prizes. Unfortunately, i didn`t win any of it :( Yeah, figures. As i know i`m not that lucky as i never win any lotteries or anything like that T_T. I actually wished to get meet and greet the most since it was not for sale. (hey! i already had dreamt about meeting Taylor in person, greet her, and taking selfies with her to post it into my social medias! xixixi) although i already knew from the start that it was almost impossible as the odds were very slim since it was only limited for 15 super-lucky people. But dreams are legal, right? :') A good way to do promotion and take advantage of fans to buy a lot and a lot of your products, Cornetto!

So many Taylor here. Can`t get enough of it. (not the ice cream tho, it was for the codes!)
btw it's not my pic, just found it on google. haha
Anyways, Indonesia was the third out of seven countries she visited on her RED TOUR ASIA along with (in order) China, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. (Sadly, the concert in Thailand was cancelled. I heard it was due to some politic problems or something. Poor thai's swifties T_T But Taylor's party already compensated it by adding second concert at Singapore again after Malaysia that was especially directed for Thai's swifties :D).

The list of her RED TOUR ASIA schedules
sold out and sold out everywhere. As i was expected from a Taylor
The concert in Indonesia itself was held in the capital city in Jakarta, (luckily, i live in Jakarta yeay~XD) on Mata Elang International Stadium, Ancol, north jakarta on June 4th, 2014. (Luckily again, my house is also in north jakarta..then not so far from the venue. Tee hee again~XD) The tickets are pretty pricey, though. The tickets was ranged from IDR 800,000 to IDR 4,000,000. I chose to bought the festival ticket, standing one because it would be positioned right in front of the stage, which was costed IDR 1,250,000.

To get on hand on that ticket, well, it was not without trouble, tho... ...........

Ta-ra! FINALLY! :')
A ticket that i got with SO MUCH STRUGGLE (i literally meant it)
Gonna see you around, tay tay tay!!!

It was such a struggle and took on a lot of efforts to finally be able got my hand on that ticket. Well, i went through some problems.. that mostly due to my carelessness and naivety -_-"" It will be a long story itself if i had to write the full chronology.. So i'll be just brief here.

And FYI, i am not a fan of watching concert or anything live. Cause my argument was always was, if you could watch it in TV or in youtube peacefully at home, why would you choose to be swarming, flocking around in a  crowd? Not to mention the queue in buying the ticket, the queue again in entering the venue of the concert, let alone the heat and all the money, time and energy you wasted. So, the idea of going to a concert seems pretty tiring and meaningless to me. But, i don`t know why after heard that Taylor would gonna come here, i decided straightly that time that i must go to her concert whatever it takes. I wanna see her live as her red tour concert in America i could only watched in youtube seemed so entertaining with big stage and screen, catchy costumes, great act stages performance and all. Plus, her concert was always pretty much sold-out. So it must have been sooo incredible! Besides, i wanted to know what it would felt like to watch your idol, up there alive, as i has never been to the concert before.

So, going to the RED TOUR was officially becoming my first concert EVER! And i`m happy with it. Seeing Taylor right in front of your eyes? AMAZING! She was absolutely and perfectly still beautiful-looking even though being seen from any different angles! Just... perfect! I love the way she walked and acted around the stage, how she flipped her hair over song, how she looked around while made those smile when everybody  were cheering and screaming at her. She is amazingly talented and a great performer. She could sing, play few musical instruments, dance and act around. I pretty much enjoyed the concert by jumping and singing around that makes me forget much about my surroundings. I had so much FUN that night! That night will be remembered~~ But maybe because it was Taylor and i`m a big fan of her? XD coz for now, i couldn`t imagine of going to another artist's concert other than Taylor Swift's.

Just her way of looking around at the crowd  with her trade-mark smile :3
Pics from RED TOUR JAKARTA before MEAN song
Pics from RED TOUR JAKARTA before RED song
If Taylor comes to Indonesia again later for her tour on her upcoming fifth album, i will definitely come again! After (could only) seeing the records on my phone and youtube, my bro said that he wanted to come to the concert too if Taylor comes again here someday :p Yeay, got a company this time~~ And i wanna make sure to be at the very front row standing near the stage next time so that i will be able to see her closer and not be blocked by people holding cell phones and lightsticks and all in front of me. No border between me and Taylor except the fence's stage. fufufu. And i really wished i could get a chance to personally meet her next time// I`m waiting for you, Tay~!!!

SO THEN, i was finally be able to watch my favorite singer EVER live! WOO-HOO~
Then, how was the concert? ARE YOU READY TO PAINT THE TOWN RED? Below are a lil sneak peek for the #REDTOURJAKARTA2014 last june 4th :p

Just added a touch of 'RED' on my hand
Me and RED - Totally ready for RED TOUR JAKARTA 2014
I am RED-Y for RED! So, ARE YOU?
Bye bye for now then, for the real #REDTOURJAKARTA2014's post and pics will be continued on the part 2 later~ Adios~


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