May 18,2014/ FRIENDS :)


Well, as you know, as you grow up in life, you will socialize and make up friends with others, as we, humans are social beings. From your childhood days till your old days, you will meet a lot of different people. Some you only know. Some you meet and become your acquaintances. Some were close enough to hang out with you. Some shares a more deeper bonds with you. But only few who are still willing to be by your side whatever happened, helping you without asking anything in return and stays in your heart as your true friend as "friend" may come into your life and then go before you know it but "true friend" stays there forever. 
(turns out i can be this poetic enough *amazed of myself* maybe this is a hidden talent of mine? Possibly? Lol.)

I think i`ve never thanked them properly for still being my friend up to this day. So, as the least form of gratitude i can do for them, my next or next or next posts ahead after this will be dedicated to few of my considered true friends who knows me very well and vice versa. The kind of friend who will always be by your side not only when you’re up, but also when you’re down. The one who puts a lot of efforts to help you as they could. And.. No further explanation needed here to describe how amazing they are. I`m so lucky to know and have them in my life, like, really. J


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