Apr.18.2014/ Feel like starting to write again after hiatus for a long time?

I said, "Hello!" for you, yes you, my loyal readers who're currently reading this. hahaha.
Yeah i finally made a coming back to this blog! *hip hip hoorayyy* 
Do you miss me? :) Eh, sorry don`t have to ask that obvious answer to that question! I know i`m lovable enough to be missed. *gyaaa* XD *forgive my overconfidence. hehe. ...

It`s been like, 1 year and more already since my previous post (about the flood? check it just now. wow.). and i also wrote in some posts before that i will make a full story about my first trip to japan last december (2012)? in my upcoming post. lol (and its already like, mid april 2014 now ...)!!

How time flies.. :0 And i haven`t updated this blog ever since. fiiuuhh. (Excuse my busyness to be blamed lol.) and really, i don`t know why, but suddenly, i just find the urge to write down something here! as i finally find the chance will to update this blog after being abandoned that long. hahaha. Forgive me, my blog. uhuhuhu. ;_;

So, as you might or might not know, ehm..
so many things have happened between my last post till now, well, yeah, logically. I will write down few drastically? changes in my life here for your information! How kind i am? *proud of myself* Please use this information properly in your benefit. lol.

1. Like, i`ve just already graduated from my university last january! Can you imagine that? I`m officially an economic bachelor! I can put additional title behind my name, hoho! Like, how cool is that? It's super coooooooooool, you know! *not so officially though, still waiting for the graduation in next may 17 anyway* but! it feels like : woohoooooo~! Just can`t imagine now how i could finally finished those time-wasting and pressuring thesis (SKRIPSI!) just in time that was barely unthinkable before~! (congratulating my awesome-self XD~).

2. And! i`m already got a job as an external auditor in one of the public accountant company with i think, a pretty decent salary for starter, yeah for fresh graduate like me! hehe! Now i have additional money to spent around (no!) but, in my real honesty, my job now is taking pretty much time of mine, as expected of the risk of being an office slave :( well, just will give it a try here to know how it feels like to work and earn money by yourself (so, you can appreciate your parents more?) and to see how long i can last! *don`t feel like working as an OL (office lady) in this office or another office forever though, prefer to have my own business and become a boss yea!* my dream is higher than this and i hope its not just a mere dream and can be achieveable someday,.... later on,.... or maybe if God loves me and fate says so........ *sudden melancholic mood*~ 0:)
Ok, enough with the ranting here, what i`m trying to say is, you might say that i`m basically a busy people! lol.

3. And.. *again*..actually i`ve visited Japan again for the second time last December 2013! Hehehe! What a nice, lovely, and unforgettable country it is! Such a bliss, yes? :p okay, just to make it quick here, i will tell you a super good news~ that! i will post the story about my trip JAPAN in separated post (if im not lazy) later on, because if i am already in the mood to write about it, it will be super long and very detailed. Woohoo!~ You must be so happy!! lol. ahahaha.

4. I have already stopped one of my hobby, that is, cosplaying.

If you don`t know what is cosplay, as maybe it will not so familiar for you who are not a japan lover *like me*, i got two choices for you to continue from here! 
1. you can google it first and then come back here! just don`t forget to come back, ok? and.. 
2. because i am too kind to be true, i will make it super easier for you, you can just click here and tadaaa....when you come back here, you will be fully knowledgeable about cosplay now! Well, yeah i know everything great is always thanks to me of course, hehe. *lol*  
---So, make your choice---

Done? Well, whatever your choice is, i can safely assume that you already have at least a basic knowledge of what i`m about to say here, right? (so i don`t need unnecessary long explanation anymore, as its tiring to re-explain you know! my patient is being tested here and i warn you, it's also have its limit!)

And well, the number one! reason why i quit cosplaying is because... usual everyday matter, money matter of course.. I may grown up in a quite well-sufficient family but it doesn`t mean that we have an unlimited flow of money, no! As you know, cosplay thingy (like, costumes, wigs, accessories, shoes, bags, weapons, and maybe many more!) can cost you a lot, especially when your reason to cosplay is just to have fun, i mean, just taking pictures and dressing up plus behaving like the characters for personal interest only, without any intention for joining cosplay competition to be the winner to earn champion and win the prize money to make it at least break even *like me*
And well, you can`t just have only one cosplay character to dressed on, right? because it will be very dull and rather boring. And when you see others can have that much costumes to pick, you must have the desire to make any other characters you would like to make it came true in you as well, right? *even if sometimes its just an impulsive, quick desire and you turn out regretting it after that*
And yeah, there you have it! You got the picture now? I mean, what a waste and i just realized it, i made too much cosplay costumes now, (i owned 10, and for senior cosplayers and all, maybe that number is still beyond match, but for me personal, its already many) and the maximal times i wear one cosplay costume for photoshoot or to an event is only total 3 times! That means, some costumes were just used once, or maybe twice and then it get buried in my wardrobe :( uhuhuhu. That explains it now :(
The number two reason besides money maybe because like i have already stated all over this post, i am busy :p. Like, since seventh semester when i started doing my thesis that was taking up my time, energy and mind! till now when i have already had myself a job, that you know, since its already taking up too much time on weekdays (monday till friday), i can barely have enough sleep, i mean a proper rest, real good night sleep and enjoying the beauty of waking up late! So i prefer to spend my only weekend i can have (as sometimes you might do overtime! *working on supposed-to-be free day or holiday with doubled insentive? wooo) to stay up in my bed and chilling, curling out under my warm comfy blanket rather than go to a cosplay event that is usually far away from home, dolls up and walking around all day in costumes, becoming sweaty and all, especially if the cosplay event is the outdoor one, it will be fully heated and crowded with people. ugh! It sounds pretty tiring to present me now. *uhuk uhuk. Yesh, i`m already old now compared than then! like, of course! duh!*

5. Obsessed with eyeliner!

About this past year, i`ve grown my like to eyeliner! Woohoo to the one who invented it! :') Well, why? As my eyes is my very part of the face that is sooooo,.... sooo :(
Ehm! Well, as i was chinese born indonesian, it`s only natural for most of us to have small eyes not mention the monolid that makes my eyes look like this -_-... *even considering to do eyelid operation* ckck.

With the super power of eyeliner, i could make my eyes look bigger and not look like some kind of dull, tired looking, plain eyes :') now, eyeliner is one of my very essential need as i can`t even go out to a nearby grocery stores without at least a simple line of eyeliner first! I know i depended on it so much, but yeah i can`t help it XD.. Oh yeah, to do list of me now, i`m gonna learn how to use mascara, fake eyelashes and learn how to use softlenses with big diameters instead of glasses! :'D
I can safely say that i could go out without basic make up people usually wear like powder, blush on, lipstick or anything lah but i can`t stand going out without using eyeliner! oh eyeliner i love youuuuu!!~
Super thanks to Angelay, my dearest friend who really forced me to learn how to use eyeliner back then! :p Really thankful yo! if it was not for it, maybe up to this time, i can`t transform to super biggies me? XD

6. And............. Maybe, just mayybeee i will write some of these stories of mine in these gap of times in more more detail! in my next or next or next posts if i`m not too busy, okay? but just don`t get your hopes up. hahaha! must already know the reason, or if needed although its tiring enough, i will kindly restated again here for you because again, i am just too kind to be true, hehehe. Although you can just figure the reason out already :
I AM BUSYhhhhhhh LAZYhhhhhhhh! YEShhhhh! hahaha.

p.s : please don`t get fed up of my-excessive-narcissism-language-being-abusively-used here in this post! haha. I know it is too much, i realized it so much that it even exaggerating in some way, but i still do it deliberately lol. Cause, well, i`m like, in the mood to make an unfunny joke (maybe)? hahaha! Its my blog anyway, so basically i have the right to write down whatever i want here, right? right? hahaha. :P

Okay, i think that`s it for now. It`s already midnight now. What a long post its been for what the plan is only to write a short, simple post just to mark my comeback to this blog. Oh well, whatever. I have to go to sleep.


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