Aug.6.2011 Gwen Stefani - Harajuku Girls

This is a song by Gwen Stefani titled "Harajuku Girls", tells us about the beauty of harajuku style in japan :)
woohoo i love this song it`s cool :D

Here is the lyrics;

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JuL.22.2011 Death Notice/Ikigami

What if you know that you only have 24 hours/1 day before you die??

A simple question yet, but hard to answered

This question will be uncovered in this manga. Death Notice/Ikigami (イキガミ) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Motoro Mase.

This manga basically tells us about people`s psychological condition and their reaction if they knows that they will die in 24 hours. But, further more, Ikigami also tells us about the effect from the law to the public, the ikigami deliverer, and the person who received the ikigami.

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May.21.2011 The reality in our society

At first, i want to you to read a song from Simple Plan titled CRAZY. This is one of the song that its lyrics criticize our social life and tell us the fact and reality of life which is so ironic but mostly happened nowadays.

Here it is...

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Apr.28.2011 Day Trips in New York

You lived in a hectic, busy town, in New York and you want to get relax from your work just one day from your business and go somewhere new but not too far from New York? But you don`t know where to go, what place is worth to be visited there , who can give you information about the place and what if you lost of track?

Your answer is here; take day trips from New York to many other places new like Philadelphia, Boston or Washington D.C by Woodbury Common, a promising company to be a guide for your interesting, enjoyable and unforgettable moments of tour around one of this place only in one day. On the evening, you will be back in time to New York again so don`t worry if you have any activities you must do for tomorrow.

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Mar.22.2011 I`m getting older in a moment

It looks like my birthday is coming soon..
Now is tuesday, March 22nd, 11.05 PM here in Jakarta, Indonesia when i wrote this post
and about an hour again, my birthday comes on March 23rd and i`ll left my 17 into 18

Honestly, i hate being older, i hate to grown up. hate it so much
okay, maybe this sounds childish but i love being children than to be adults.!

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Mar.16.2011 Moon in the night sky

Lately, i always saw a half-moon which is shining beautifully in the dark-night sky when i was on the way home from my college (recently, i always go back home night, duh -.-)
And, anyway, the moon is so beautiful :D
i like it so much and it`s so rare for me to see a moon shining as clear as this recent nights.. ^^

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Feb.28.2011 March is near-- -- --

Today is the last day of february 2011 and tomorrow is already march 1st!!

March comes means...

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Feb.20.2011 Saliva can makes your CD`s work again?

Your saliva can makes your CD work out!!

Yes, maybe it sounds gross or disgusting but it`s the fact.!
And i have proved it by myself

It started when my bro wants to play the playstation 2`s games so badly, if i am not mistaken, Resident Evil 4 and makes him so desperate that the game won`t start how many times he tried to take off the CD and put it up again.

He tried to wipe it with tissue and still, the game won`t start.
He tried to wash it with clean water and wipe it till dry, but it also doesn`t work
My bro get confused because he just bought the CD not too long ago, and he rarely played it again.

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Feb.20.2011 My Decision

I am what i am
I am different, i am unique~
I have freedom to do anything i want
I am an individual who can control my life
Nobody can control my life, my fate, except me, myself~

So, if there are any people who don`t like me the way i am, i won't care anymore
Because if i care, i will just hurt myself even more
It always makes me compare myself to other people who i thinks is better than me and makes me envy them.

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