Nov.20.2009 About cosplay

Have you ever seen cosplay party?
I`m sure you have, since many event was held whether in a mall, university, etc.

Okay, what is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a abbreviations from Costume playing.
usually pronounced by Japanese people, "kosupure"
Cosplay is one of Japanese culture that now spread to all over the

Cosplay is an expression of your love to anime, manga, game or even j-artist (Japanese-artist).
Japanese artist generally have an outstanding character, whether for appearance and characteristic.

In Japan, cosplay begins from activity to promote anime, manga or other television product like advertisement, etc.
On the event to launch merchandise or products at stores, they will be dressed like the character on that anime or manga to get attention from the people and will walk along the street to show off. Even there`s an event to take a photos with them.

From an event that just intend to promote new products, now wear a costume like a
nime, manga, or game characters is followed by the fans.

And cosplay gradually spread all over the world, include our city, Indonesia.

In Indonesia, cosplay isn`t limited for anime, manga, games or j-artist.

A few people often show off their original costumes that they design themself to show their ability to design costume.
Many of them also only wear Japanese style costume, named harajuku style;

like for girl, miniskirt and boots.
And for boy, leather jacket and dyed or remodel their hair.

In cosplay, not just include wearing costumes like their favorite characters, but beha
viors and the action of the wearer should similar to the characters that they acts.

For example, they will said typical word like for maid, "irasshaimase (Welcome)"

Or from gesture, like Naruto movements that is active and agile.
Or other special movement that their characters have.

And now, more and more cosplay event is being held everywhere.
That events is be used by cosplayers to show off their favorite characters from an
ime, manga or game.

On that event they will usually held cosplay contest.

Therefore, the fans is encouraged to seriously become cosplayer.
They are dilligent to come in every event that is being held, although where their lives is far away from that event.

Usually, They were also formed group cosplay.
For example, group for Tokyo mew-mew, Sailor moon, etc.

They can toured to other places to cosplaying their characters together and become participants in every event.

But, there are also people that don`t enter the contest.
They come to the event, but don`t chase
They just intend to have fun cosplaying to express their love to characters that they perform.

Actually, what makes people interested in cosplay?
I think it`s because their ravishment to some characters, especially for their appearance and personality plus their cute or unique costumes.

Cosplaying is a fun activity and always enliven various event.
Besides, cosplay become an arena to perform their skill, whether costume design and the
ability to perform the characters they played.

If you have seen cosplayer maybe you have criticized some of them by said,
"he/she is ugly.","Not like the original character","that costume is not suitable for him/her."

I think we shouldn`t give comment just by their appearance and just the similarity.
We should appreciate their creativity and courage to show off their costumes.
Because, not so many people have courage to cosplaying.

So, interested in cosplaying?


Administrator Frelia said...

Hahahaha, fotonya banyak yg nyomot dari 'tante penyihir' ya?

dorara said...

haha.. iya..
abis cakep2 sih :P

recyclebin said...

like this.. nice post ^^

Zamrud said...

It's nice.., You may put your profile on myblog in follower please

kristine cuer said...

just in time! we'll be having a Christmas Cosplay party. I am still looking for a costume.

Michael L said...

wow :)
i love that girl :p

mikesmallwood said...

I wouldnt do it my self nut wow the girl look way cute doing it! :D I think it sutes girls more than guys as I think u girls can pull it off more than us guys

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