Nov.04.2009 Experience In OBAKE Ghost House

Last saturday exactly at October 31st 2009, i went to a cosplay event at la Piazza Mall, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, which celebrated halloween competition at Kelapa Gading. I went there while cosplaying as beautiful Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II. But, i wasn`t entering the competition. Just cosplaying for taking pictures and FUN! XD

I must go because in that day i wanna celebrated my friend`s birthday party too, who is 17 now, named Febrina. And, one of the purpose for my arrival there is to try to get into the OBAKE, which everyone said really scary. My other Junior high school`s friends wanna come too because they were curious just what was inside this OBAKE.

At first, we were very interested, we can`t wait for the time when will the OBAKE be opened. Even my friend, Desdut said, "Yeah. I`m so interested in coming there. Hey, what about taking photos in there later? We can stopped a bit and take photos for our memorials." I just smile when she said that. I wonder if we can "stopped a bit" there.

The OBAKE opened from 6 pm until 11 pm. Although at 4 PM the place haven`t opened yet, a long queque has been made. I and Desdut was still busy going around and taking pictures with cosplayers which costumes were very impressive and Melisa and her sister, Angel was more interested in watching the cosplay competition. Meanwhile, Shabrina and Lisa were already busy quequing behind the lines. Me and Desdut said that it isn`t necessary. We thought that it`s better if we queque later, when the OBAKE is already opened.

Shabrina, who is the most impatient one for getting in there approach me and said to us. "Hey, i think we should queque from now. Look at that, this is still 4 PM but the queque is already long." Me and Desdut don`t care (ahaha ^w^) and we still continue our photos session. We said to her that we`ll follow them later. And Melisa, who want to watch the cosplay competition was forced by Shabrina to join them quequing. hahaha. Very poor =p

Okay, when it`s already 5 PM, me and Desdut join them queque. We replace them to wait in the line. Because, they were obviously tired and all standing there about one hour or more. At 5:30 PM, the queque were getting more crowd, even it`s a little hard to out of the line because i wanna change clothes. My cosplay costume is not too comfortable in this crowded heat.

When i got back to the line with my normal cloth, i was so surprised that the line has already become more and more crowded. It`s hard to get back to the line where my friend was waiting on. I feel relieved that we were quequing in the quite front line, only a few metres from the entrance. I looked behind and see that the queque were already very long. And i think that we can getting into the ghost house quickly.

At 6:30 PM, a few people give up from quequing and getting out of the line. Shabrina said, "don`t give up. A little more we`ll arrived at that ghost house." We all nod agreely and said, "they`re so misfortune." hahaha.

But my guess was wrong =_=
What i assume as an entrance, actually is not an entrance yet. Now i understand why a few people in front of me give up quequing and getting out of the line. The entrance to the ghost house is more further into and it`s not visible to see from that crowd of people where i stand before.

Okay! SO! We quequed at a total time of 3 hours!!! We wait in the line since 5 PM and successede to get into the OBAKE at about 8 PM.

SO-SO tired standing without sitting about 3 hours in the crowd!!!! The queque is very-very CROWD! Urgh! Even there`s a group of crazy boys who make us even annoyed. They keep pushing from behind, wanna move forward! They can`t think that their action make people disturbed.

It`s so-so crowded that even i have difficulty just to take some items from my bag. It`s SO-SO hot because there are so many people gathered there. And, we don`t have any beverage. So thirsty...... >,< _=" Really-really">,<>I'd better do something more useful (e.g : study, although i`m lazy) rather than quequing wasting time like that! urgh!
And why was the line not given a border or so? If there was a border maybe the line will be more well-ordered.

Okay, well, inside the OBAKE. Apparently it was not as good as being imagined. But it was scary, though.
Turns out what makes the queque is so long is that to get inside the OBAKE in each turn, only 3 or 4 people can go. And the others must wait till that group "finish" explore the OBAKE and find a way exit.

We were six people. And so, we were separated into 2 groups, consisted of three people. Me, Desdut and Shabrina. Lisa, Melisa and Angel. My group are going first.

In front of us there were two girls that go back and forth, getting in and getting out to the entrance again, they seems scared and screamed. The officer said, "Hey, you wanna getting in or not? People like you that made the queque is so long."

The two girls said to us, "There. There was..... " (itu.. itu.. di depan ada ....)
They pointed the curtain in front of us but they didn`t finish their sentence.
Then, the three of us feel goosebumps too. And finally, we agreed to getting in together with them.

No one brave enough to walk as a leader, getting on first. Finally, Shabrina said, "Okay, okay. I will be the front. Only things like this won`t make me scared."
My position is on the back. I close my eyes and hold on Desdut`s and one of the girl`s clothes.
And we walked in together.

One of the two girls screamed, "there. there was child ghost!!"
I opened my eyes and i saw it sitting in the corner of the hall. I screamed.
Shabrina, the most brave one in our group said, "Hey, she is remain silent and unmoved. What do you scare of?"

Then we started to walk again, i still hold on Desdut`s cloth. The place is narrow and because i closed my eyes, i hit the wall besides that filled with straw. I don`t care and keep walking.
They screamed again suddenly, because something had been following us from behind.

I looked back and i saw "kuntilanak" behind me was smiling to me.
OMG! I screamed, "hurry! hurry!"

In front of us there`s a curtain and it`s the exit! We feel relieved and so tired. We directly bought mineral water from place not too far from there.

Desdut feel fortunate because she didn`t see anything. ? She said that while we were inside the OBAKE, she kept her eye closed because she didn`t want to see anything. ? hahaha.

We were all feel disappointed about getting in the OBAKE. -.-"
We were waiting in the line for 3 hours and getting in only about 5-10 minutes? totally not worth the time!

But, honestly, i didn`t regret getting in OBAKE. I will just consider it as an experience how it was felt like. And if we hadn`t tried getting in the OBAKE, we would have felt curious up to this time. Besides, the ticket`s price is not too expensive, just Rp 10.000,-! Cheap!

What i regret is the queque!! SO WASTING TIME!


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