Nov.06.2009 Rhapsody : Our World

This is one of my favorite song from Nintendo Ds game;

Rhapsody : A musical adventure

This song is so romantic! I love this song so much
This song is about Cornet, an ordinary girl from a small village who fall in love with Ferdinand, the prince from a royal family.

Here is the lyric...
---Our World---
Sung by: Cornet & Prince Ferdinand

(English only)

I can no longer hold it back
My heart is filled with love. The feeling of love for you

I can feel your precious heart
Holding your hand in mine, I feel the special love, we have

Is it just a fantasy?

It's not a fantasy

Are we dancing in a dream?

It's not a dream

I never ever want to wake up from the sweet sweet dream
It's our world Our love is everywhere

To the sky, our hearts will soar above

Our hearts will soar above
It's our world Our love is everywhere

Our love is everywhere

We can fly, together on the wings of love
It's a wonderful feeling being in love with you

Please never go

I'll always stay

I never want to stop dancing with you
This is our world, and I never ever want to let you go
Here is the link to download this song... Click it;
Our World

Okay, hope you`ll enjoy this song ^w^


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