Nov.28.2009 New Year in Japan

In Japan, the new year celebrations is welcomed by cleaning and put decorative pine at the door.
On new year`s eve, or are known by the term "omisoka", japanese people have custom to go to the temple to pray by wearing kimono/hakama.
They then will eat "toshi koshi soba" noodles while listening to the new year bell.
Unlike at the other countries, new year in Japan is celebrated 3 days in a row.

The first day of new year is called "gantan/ganjitsu". Meanwhile the morning is called "hatsumode."

In this day, the temples is crowded, filled with people who want to pray while throwing money to the altar, hope their wish will be come true or buy "omikuji", like a talisman that believed will bring luck to the owner at that year.

In this event, people will send new year`s card to all relatives contains words "akemashite omedetou".

In this day, people will eat typical foods of new year like;
*osechi ryochi (
various types of food stored in a box-storey),
*kagamimochi (mochis that arranged and on the top of that there is an orange) and
*ozoni (soup containing rice combined with vegetables and fish)

And the typical drink is otoso (sweet sake)

In the new year day, people will gathered with their big family to keep in touch and increasing familiarity.
Children usually plays games like card or kites which the loser`s face must be crossed out by ink.

Besides filled with many delicious dishes, new clothes and many games, new year is also be a fortune for children in which they will receive red envelope (otoshidama) from their parents and their relatives.

This celebration is of course accompanied by expectations if in this new year, everything will begin better than the previous years.


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