Nov.14.2009 What to do when holiday come ...

How to spend your holiday time without spending too much money?

1. Picnic in the garden.
It`s fun and increasing your relationship with the others. You can take out food from your refrigerator.

2. Go to Library

an effective way to spend your time. Read books that is interesting and give you more knowledge. e.g: history book ...

3. Go to the Museum
Many ancient artifacts that
is interesting to look at

4. Go to the Zoo
Look at many animals and you can take photographs there ^^

5. Explore your neighborhood
You can make acquintances with them and who knows one of them maybe yo
ur soulmate ^^`

6. Browsing internet

Playing games or search information about your idol or test your fortune, etc
7. Decorate your room
You can put on new wallpaper, or change the layout of your room. This will give you new mood.

8. Visit your grandpa-grandma
Maybe they will give you pocket money, ehehe =p

9. Collecting your favorite song lyrics
Gathered them as one and bring wherever you go.

10. Chatting with old friends and make a reunion

11. Make a party
Don`t make a party that need big budgets. e.g : tea party
and invite your close friend and your family, it`s fun!

12. Photo session
Gathered them as one and put in your photo album.

13. Read again books that you own like comics, novels, etc

14. Disassemble warehouse
Maybe you`ll find something that still can be used ^^

15. Make reality show
Prepare a handycam and record every day event at your house.
e.g : your brother is scolded by your mom, etc

16. Study
study here doesn`t mean study for school. I know it`s boring for a holiday.

You may study playing guitar from your friend, or study blogging from me (hehehe =p)

17. Make chocolate in cute forms

And give it to your friend, family, etc

18. Playing cards together with your friend

It`s fun and you can make rules that the one who lost may be punished

19. Jogging in the morning around your house complex
It`s healthy and especially for woman, can reduce your weight =p

20. Change your hairstyle
It will give you new mood and new look



lina@happy family said...

Great tips, you're right, there are plenty not expensive things that we can do on holiday. All we need is creativity...

Alrezamittariq said...'s interesting and useful for me...thanks for sharing

richie said...

Good Article and should be followed, especially when we are in the middle of economic crisis.
Nice touch, keep it up

gobus said...

haha.. i prefer dating wth my grlfrnd

Sam said...

me and my family always spend the weekend going to the library first to borrow some book. then sometimes we do nature walk and visiting my in laws. enjoy the rest of the week

Marly said...

on a holiday, i like spending time with my family either dining out or going to a park.


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