Apr.29.2010 My activity in this Long-Long Holiday.. yeaaa ^^

For Your Information, i am a third grade of high school student and as you know, the third graders have already passed the national exam, school exam, practical exam that was very exhausting. And since i`ve graduated from high school and will be entering college maybe this august or september, so, i`m now in a great long-long holiday! Yeehaaaa :DDDDD (extremely happy)

I`ve planned various activities that i must do in this holiday
I don`t want to wasted my holiday time badly by just wake up in the afternoon every day and just eat-play-sleep like that! XDDD
I must do something useful..!
(Hopefully, i can do all of them :p)

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Apr.23.2010 The Red SKy

The sky recently is so good. So beautiful :D
It`s not like usual i think
So, i took a few pictures of it.

It`s the sky onto my house ♥

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