Wanna make cosplay costume again!!! ^0^

hmmm.. ^^
I wanna make new costume for cosplay again..

I`ve owned 2 costume for now.
Kairi from kingdom hearts AND..
Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico
I wanna make something new ^^

I like 2 costumes..
I must choose one between them.
I can`t make the two of it at once.
Coz, i`m sure it`ll too expensive =_=
Enough 4 one costume 4 know..

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Luvvv LYNER!!! ^0^ gyaaaa

his name is Lyner Barsett..
my fav. male character from game ps2, Ar tonelico : Melody of Elemia.
He is my fav. male character from many games that i`ve played.

I don`t know why but,,
I really like the gameplay of this game.
After i first played this game, i just feel this game is so interesting.
And this game suddenly became my most favourite game ever!!
Bcoz, this game have some systems and features that the other game haven`t..
This game is unique!!
And plus, the design of the characters is so good ^0^

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