Wanna make cosplay costume again!!! ^0^

hmmm.. ^^
I wanna make new costume for cosplay again..

I`ve owned 2 costume for now.
Kairi from kingdom hearts AND..
Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico
I wanna make something new ^^

I like 2 costumes..
I must choose one between them.
I can`t make the two of it at once.
Coz, i`m sure it`ll too expensive =_=
Enough 4 one costume 4 know..

hmm.. so hard to decide which one.
The two of them is my favourite ^W^

One in the left, is Aurica Nestmile`s costume from Cross Edge ^^
I like her costume because i think the costume is cute..
Full of pink, my favourite colour..
And the dress have many lace..'
So girliee!! ^^
and i just love the design of maid dress ^^ so cute i think..


One in the right, is Luca Trulywarth`s costume from Ar tonelico 2
I don`t have any specific reason why i like this costume..
But,, i just wanna to be a magician XD

Hmm.. I`m confused choose which one.
Maybe i`ll pick the left (the maid costume)
But, i still doubt it..


EXELINCA said...

Good. Ask Rin to cosplaying Cocona. It suits her very much.

dorara said...

thank u koko croix ^^
iya2.. dia punya kok costume cocona

Administrator Frelia said...

Jadi pengen liat cosplay selanjutnya nih.

dorara said...

hehe ^^
yubb.. cosp brikut mungkin sm ira juga lhooo XD

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