Finally, play PS2 again!!! BANZAII ^0^

In my latest post, i said that i haven`t played ps2 in a long time..

But finally, after yesterday i bought Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist,

i start to play again in my room!!
i am looking forward to play this game..
wohooo ^o^

I enjoy played although this ps isn`t mine.
My ps2 is broken and haven`t repaired yet..
i borrowed from my buddy, Lilies

i played from 8 pm till 1 am..
Time passed very quickly without being realized while i was playing game tonight..

An today, i`ll continue play again..
And maybe after i finished this game, i can play other games that i`ve bought but no chance to play..
Because sometimes i feel lazy XD

But i hope it`ll not cause any harm in my studies at school..

And for addition, i`m so-so happpyyyy today!!!!

my room have a pretty big tv..
But it couldn`t be used except for playing ps2..

it`s bcoz.. That tv haven`t programmed yet
so, it can`t be used to watched any films..
Fortunately, it still can be used for me playing ps2

i have 3 others tv.
2 in the living room and 1 in my brother`s room
i wanna have a tv too!! (with the program of course!)

And so..
i`ve forced my dad to programmed it since about 1 years ago many times
And my dad always says
"yes, i`ll call the programmer later."
Yeah, later,,
but in fact, he didn`t phone the programmer at all.
And i thought he forgot his promise.

i just remembered today, and i forced my dad again.
And like usual, my dad only says like that again.

And i take an action.
I phoned the programmer by myself.
At first, i called 108
But people from there seems can`t help me much to find a tv programmer.


So i phoned my dad`s friend, a computer programmer.
since he`s a computer programmer, i doubt he could programmed my tv..
but he`s my last hope and i don`t know anyone who can programmed tv..

and.. he really can program my computer!!
yippieee ^0^
so-so happyy..
he`ll come to my home this evening..
and my dad will be forced to paid the bill Rp 400.000



Reyvateilia said...

baru baca...
aih seh parah banget cc!

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