About Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist !!

Now i want to write down about one of my favorite games ^^

Mana Khemia 2 : fall of the alchemist !!
It`s created by gust
and it`s translated by NIS america

I always like the game created by gust and translated by NIS america
and that games become my MOST favorites for RPG games !!
For example : Ar tonelico and Atelier iris

The gameplay is unique..
enjoyable and not make me bored
The story is great n make us want to know the continuation of the story
and i like the graphic too ^^
i like the design of the characters and the costumes for the characters!!
even i make a cosplay costume of Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico : Melody of elemia
And usually the main character is handsome (for boys) n pretty or cute (for girls)
And i always enjoy playing it ^^

Now i am playing Mana khemia 2 : fall of the alchemist
which is the tenth project of gust
and the continuation of the previous series of gust, Atelier iris series
And the theme of the two games here is the same : Alchemy ^^


Okay, enough for the long intoduction.. (wew..)
Now i want to tell ya a little about Mana Khemia 2 for those who haven`t played this game yet.

The genre is RPG of course
And the story is about alchemy school which is like an ordinary school
Students must do project and the duty from the teacher
and must have a good grade if we don`t want to get a punishment
As a student, we must socialize with the others too

This game have 2 main characters..
Ulrika Mylberg (left) and Razeluxe (right)
For Your information, i picked the girl (haha)
So, there are 2 separate stories in this game.
And depending on how well you played the game, the ending can be different
So, there are 2 storylines for the 2 main characters

The model of this game is turn based battle system RPG
And you will meet many characters in this game.
3 is setted in the front for attackers and the rest is placed in the back as supporters

They can be switched in and out during the battles with attack and support actions

You can search for ingredients needed throughout the world by fighting enemies or collect it
to create new items using what you've found (Alchemy)

And well..
Thank you for reading this
For you who likes RPG, i recommend you to play this game!!

Happy playing all ^w^


Administrator Frelia said...

Ulrika punya capit!!!

dorara said...

hahahah XD
cc ikutan si croix..


postingan yang unik & menarik. keep posting

JinKaiser13 said...

I'm an RPG lover, I can say I haven't really had interest in the Ar Tonelico series.. Reading your post piqued my interest a bit..

Dorara said...

@jinkaiser :
I highly reccomend ar tonelico series as one of the good RPG in ps2 ^_^

the chara is so cute with many costumes, and have a unique gameplay, which the characters separated into 2 parts, front line, the attacker and back line, the reyvateil who support the attacker by singing a song which will become power to attacks the foe, or healing partner.
Ar tonelico also have a unique stories too and i like it so much ^_^

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