Sept.29.2009 Experience on Photo shoot..

About a week ago, exactly on 25 sept 09 last friday, me and some of my friends planned to go to UI/ Universitas Indonesia which located at depok (university of indonesia) to photoshoot for cosplay purpose from ar tonelico, our favorite game ^^
This event is not held by some organisation or whatsoever, but pure held by only us!!
we wanna make photo session there

We agreed to meet there and start our photo session at about 11 AM

as the character is:
me/marii as misha

rin/kyoko as luca and aurica

shi as cloche

my sis, putri, replace melisa who suddenly can`t come as shure

atsuko as mei-mei
suzu as cosplayer plus photographer

as my home is in kelapa gading and i don`t know the exact way to go to Depok,
i decided to use transjakarta or we called "busway"
i start to go about 10 AM
I think that Depok is still a part of Jakarta and Busway have connection to all places in Jakarta
And apparently, my assumption is wrong =_=
And i was told by the transjakarta officers that there`s no connection to that place and if i wanna go there, i must get off at "Djuanda" stop and take train from the station nearby.

Although honestly i`m still a little confused and surprised by that information,
with full of confident, i stepped up to the opened bus in front of me and hold my sis`s hand tightly as if we`ll arrive safely (hahaha)

And about 10:30 AM, i arrived at Djuanda station
My first impression is that place is dirty, noisy and full of peoples.
i don`t know where is the place to buy tickets
So i called a man that walked in front of me,
"excuse me sir. Do u know the place to buy tickets? i wanna go to UI." (hahah, the fact is not this polite)
Fortunately, the man said
"oh yes, follow me then. I wanna go to the Bogor. We are in the same train so i can tell ya when it`s time for you to go out from the train."
I feel relieved "thank you."

And so, after get on a few escalators, i arrived at the place to buy tickets
The price is Rp 2000,- for non Ac
And Rp 5.500,- for Ac
And considering the heat, i choose the Ac one ^^

Luckily, the train is about to leave so i don`t have to wait too long.
hehe ^w^
And as soon as i stepped up to the train, the train is already full.
There`s only a few empty seats, so i sit separated with that man.
i sit next to a woman with his son. The woman seems friendly.
She smiled to me.

As soon as the train started to move, i became worried i could miss the stop
So i asked the woman to tell me when it`s arrive at UI station
And so, i enjoyed the travel.
I watch the scenery beside me.. (not too beautiful but still.. =_=)

And when the train stop at one stop, many people came in
They didn`t have seats of course because it`s already full.
They are two girl and one mom.
They stand up in front of me and so noisy and so-so captious!! urghh =_=
And i feel disturbed and annoyed
So i took out my headset from my bag and listen to the radio from my handphone..

The train goes by and i feel a little sleepy
I don`t realized the time is already 11.30 AM
I soon realized when i heard my phone sound.
One of my fren, texted me "marii, where are u? we`ve already arrived there."
I feel a little guilty coz i`m late.
So i asked the woman, "emm.. Where is the station? Is it still far?"
The woman said, "oh, don`t worry. After this station you can got off from this train soon."
And i replied the text to my fren "sorry for being late. But, it`s already one station more. I`ll call you as soon as i go there"

Okay, and i finally arrived there at about 11.45AM and i have late forty five minutes ....
I only have met Rin here.

And i finally met three of them (Shi, Atsu and Suzu) that i haven`t met face to face before, only knew on facebook.
They are nice and friendly ^^
After we introduced ourself, we began to walked to UI.

The UI is
The travel to UI os a long-long way..
UI is very SPACIOUS!! gyaaa >0<
i feel tired walking there plus the sun was so HOT during the day sting
Even my friend said that there`s a bus special for travel among the UI

UI is quite today because it was the public holiday.
i only seen a few people walking around

Okay, after i walked quite far from the entrance,
We decided to sit because all of us looks tired.
We began to searched for the toilet used for change costume
But we couldn`t find it nearby.
One of my friend even suggest to use the bushes to change costume.. whahaha!!! ^w^

Because it`s already 13.00 PM, i separated into 2 groups
I went to looked for the place for change costume with rin and my sis, Putri
Meanwhile, shi, suzu, and atsu in the other group

I found a kind of place like a sentry guard.
And because we have no other choice, we decide to use that place to change costume as fast as we can.
When we started to open our shirt, suddenly we saw a couple walking along the way
We surprised and stop temporary
and we pretend look to the other side while whistling and singing (haha)
And when that stupid couple (haha) didn`t appear again, we change our clothes in a rush

Because we feel embarassed to walking around the campus, we doubled them with our shirt
And we go looking for the others.
When we met them, they haven`t changed heir clothes yet but they have just found the toilet!!
So, they asked us to go ahead to the location that we want to use for photoshoot to prepare the other things like fit wig (for rin and Putri), put the other accesorries, and applied make-up to our face.

Okay, so we across the red large bridge, called "jembatan teksas"
The bridge is good, but unfortunately, it was destroyed by peoples who does not have responsibility by making grafitti along the bridge.
And.. We arrive at the side there, and we put our bag
We open our shirt and we only wear our cosplay costume
While waiting for the others, we start to prepare the other things that have described at the up.

And when the others arrived, we finished for the preparation
So, we walked together to the location for photoshoot, in front of technique faculty.
The reason why my friends choose that place, is because near that faculty there is a kind of glass building and
surrounding it, there`s many plants
like a forest..

It`s already 14.00 PM and i feel hungry and thirsty!!!
Arghhh.. Plus the heat of the sun, i feel a liitle in a bad mood.
I didn`t bring any food here, only a bottle of water, but it`s already empty.
Because i think in UI, there`s a place to buy food.
But, because it was a holiday so the canteen was closed.
hikz >,<
no one bring food or drink

I asked my friend "I am hungry and thirsty. Where`s the nearest place to buy food and drink?"
My friend, i forgot who, replied, "To buy food, we must got out from this campus quite far. I think, we should finished this photoshoot first, and get out from here and buy the food."
I sighed, because i have maag and i mustn`t late for eat anymore.
I regret i didn`t bring any food or at least more water here as being suggested by my parents.
I only think that i can buy food or beverage somewhere.
And one of my friend said ( i forgot who too. haha), "hey, why don`t we use Mcd delivery service? Who knew he could deliver Mcd here?"

And consider her ideas, and i have no other better choice to fet food and drink in a short time, i phoned the Mcd, 14045
It`s about 14.30 PM if i don`t forget
Me and my sis who are VERY hungry, order 2 burgers, cola (for me) and aqua (for my sis).
The others only order drink. Some of there order colas and the others order aquas.

Because it is far to go to the campus entrance,
I asked them, "Sir, can you deliver them to the depth of the UI, exactlty at the Teksas bridge, near technique faculty?"
The person agreed and when awaiting the delivery, we started our photoshoot

Usually if i`m cosplaying, i have a high spirit to photos for memorial.
But unfortunately, i am in the bad mood that day because i`m exhausted for walking a long way to be here, my clothes is sweating because of the heat of the sun, i feel a little stomach ache, i`m hungry and of course VERY THIRSTY!!

So, after i took a few photos of me and with the others, i only sit and pay attention to the others.
My sis look in the bad mood too.
Because she keep whining, "sis, when is the Mcd will come? I`m thirsty and hungry."
I feel sorry for her for invite her here that make her feel uncomfortable

I expect this time to having fun and photo.
I feel a little disappointed coming here.
So, i spent my time by walking around and look around

It`s already about one hour since we phoned them and the delivery hasn`t come yet
My friend said, "maybe they were struck in traffic."
And suddenly my phone ringing from Mcd.

It`s from the central Mcd.
They said the people who given the responsibility to delivered the food is having a hard time to go to this place because the way to go to the depth was blocked and they didn`t know the way to find the bridge. And it seems they were lost of direction and so they decided to went back to the restaurant!!
ARGHHHH !!! how stupid! grrr!!! My stomach is grumbling!! gyaaa >0<

After i convey my complain to them, they said they will asked the person to go back again to our place.
Because i don`t know anything about the place, i give the phone to my friend who lives near here to explain the place.

I still be patient. hmm..
As my friend, rin who first wear aurica`s costume has a dual role (because the one who should become aurica didn`t came), she decided to change her costume into her second costume, Luca Trulyworth from
Ar tonelico 2.

This costume is a little vulgar i think ....
And because the toilet is quite far away, and she already tired walking away, she didn`t care and she directly decided to change her costume in front of the technique faculty building. o_o
But, in the process of the costume replacement,
Atsu (if i haven`t mistaken) said to me while giggling, "hey, look over there."
I looked over the direction, in the glass building, there was a few man who looking at us, staring, seems surprised for what we wear ^^v
And of course they saw RIN CHANGE HER CLOTHES!

Fortunately, rin faced back and when we realized the presence of that MAS", rin is almost finished wearing her cloth so it doesn`t seem to be a real problem, but still.. hahahaha XD

And not too long after that, i give up and i chose to change my cloth into my ordinary cloth in the place same as rin (of course after i`m making sure that that MAS" not hanging around there)
And my sis, Putri is follow me too

And And And..
After a long awaiting......
The delivery come at about 16.30 PM
it takes them about two hour plus to deliver the food and drink here.
Even the ice is the cola is already melt.

But my anger decrease because i appreciate their effort for still deliver the delivery although it`s very late.

After the food and drink come, i directly drink the cola and eat the burger. And also my sis.
I see the other is very thirsty because the water (aqua) is already drink all when the delivery come.
The one who deliver aqua besides cola feel regret why they didn`t order cola at the first time.
The price of the aqua is Rp 6.000,- and the aqua is the smallest size of bottled aqua. >,<
And the price of the cola is Rp 6.300,- and the size is medium cola.

The other didn`t order burger, they only order drink but when i looked in the package, i looked one burger remaining.
It seems that the Mcd give us one extra burger without paying, because it was unregistered in the bill.
I said, "hey, who want to eat burger? we have one extra burger here."

If i haven`t mistaken, Shi, full of understanding said "Suzu, eat that. You haven`t eat from this morning, haven`t you?"
And after drinking and eating, we decided to go back.

The travel to go back is a little more easy than the way to go there.
Coz it`s already 17.00 PM and there`s no heat of the sun anymore.
Besides, we have just eat and drink (not all of us eat) and our stamina is quite recovered

Shi and Atsu who haven`t eat, suggest us to go to Margo city, a kind off Mall or department store to eat.
I actually want directly to go home, because the night falls soon
But rin picked up by her dad in my home. Besides, i feel a little more safe if we take a train together than only me and my sis.
So, i go to the Margo city by take mikrolet

When we arrive there, they all wanna go to the food court to eat.
I feel full now, my sis too and i asked them whether there`s a book store here or not.
Suzu told me, "there`s TGA (Toko Gunung Agung) on 1st floor. We will be eating at foodcourt on 2nd floor."
"Okay. Thanks."
I waved to them and said to Rin, "i will text you when i finished."
Rin nod

In TGA, we spent a quite long time to choose comics.
We finally buy four comics and i texted rin asked where is she.

And, i went by lift to the food court.
I sat next too them and they all, include Rin haven`t finished eat yet.
So, i wait for her finished eating while reading comics.
At this time, i am not in a bad mood anymore.. hahahaha. XD

My mobile phone ringing and it`s my dad.
I was surprised it`s already night, 18.30 PM

I asked Rin, "my dad have called me. I must go home now."
Rin said "okay."

And shi told us to get the bus.
Because it`s more practice than using train and then transjakarta bus that must change vehicle twice.
She told us to wait at the stop for making sure you get the right bus.
Although we still confused, we nod and waved then said goodbye to them that still sit in the food court.

At the overpass, Rin asked to the guard standing over there.
"excuse me, sir. Do you know how to get the bus to kelapa gading?"
"oh, take the orange bus to Pulogadung (if i haven`t mistaken) over there. But, usually you must take a long time to find bus like that."

After about 15 minutes waiting there, we still didn`t see the bus like that coming.
we are panicked because it`s already night. About 19.00 PM
And our dad have phoned us again, worried.
So, we that blind of directions in this place decided to use train and then transjakarta bus.

So we must go the station first.
We stopped the cab and asked the driver to drop us off at the station.
The taxi driver said, "Only go to the station? Use that mikrolet."
We are confused and the kind taxi driver got off from the taxi and stop one mikrolet and told the driver to drop us off at the station.

And so, we arrive in front of the station but to get to the station, we must get over a dark alley.
It`s dark not like before because it`s already night time.
We cgo to the taxi that stopped beside us and told him to drop us off at the station.
But unfortunately, "ojeg" driver in that place won`t allow that taxi get over that way.
Besides, the alley is not so wide, it`s small and narrow.
The taxi wouldn`t fit there.

As we`re all a girl, we scared to use that ojeg ^^`
And the other choice is, we must walked quite far go through that narrow dark place to go to the entrance of the station.

Finally, rin suggest us to use that taxi waiting there to drop us off at the nearest transjakarta`s bus stop.
At first, i don`t agree because i am lack of money because i buy too many comics (hahaha)
but rin said to us to not worry because she still have pretty much money.

After in the taxi, the friendly seems kind taxi driver asked where is our destination.
I said our destination is at kelapa Gading.
"Kelapa gading?" He is quite surprised.

Considering the night and the water droplets began to fall from the sky, Rin said to me,
"hey, why don`t we use this taxi till we arrive home?"
I want to, because take transjakarta`s bus is also exhausting in the middle of our comfort in this taxi.
But i am lack of money that isn`t enough to pay the bill of the taxi.

And, the taxi driver is so kind!!!!

He offered us to drop us off at my home with only Rp. 75.000,-
I turned to rin and she said her money is enough.
She said i can pay her at other time when we meet.
So, we agreed to use the taxi till home.

As rin paid the bill, the taxi driver turned off the argo.
I know if the argo keep turned on, the bill can costed up to Rp 100.000,- even more.

I told him the experience when i used taxi from my friend`s home at kelapa Gading to go to Plasa Senayan (PS) in south jakarta.
The bill is Rp 85.000,-
So, what i want to say is Depok is more far than PS that still locate in jakarta.
But we have a cheaper price.
We feel so grateful.
My sis said, "you`re so kind." hahahah XD

The taxi driver smiled and said, "it`s okay. I`m just worried because you`re all girls. If i saw you, i just reminded of my daughter who works till night and go home with train. It`s dangerous for girl. Especially in the middle of this heavy rains."

When i arrived at Kelapa Gading, rin`s dad phoned her and said that he`ll wait at MOI (Mall of Indonesia) that placed not too far from my house.
And so, the taxi driver drop her off first at MOI.
Then, dropped us off at my lovely home. hahaha.

And when i arrived at home, i greeted by my dad who have been waiting at the door and bring umbrella for me and my sis. But of course we`re wet.

Although i am in the bad mood that day, but besides the bad things happen, it was exciting too, and fun.
I can met shi, atsu and suzu face to face,
i`m also glad i know there`s many people that kind and friendly although to people that they haven`t known, and experience using train and travel in Depok, UI, and Margo city that i haven`t gone there yet.
And i feel happy too after i buy comic and all of my disappointed feeling left no trace ^w^



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