Sept.21.2009 My activity at my home in this "lebaran" holiday ^w^


Since my housemaids "back to their village"...
i must help my mom and dad doing many activities in home..
and for addition, i have 2 bro n ` 1 sis =_=
Plus, they`re naughty .. Especially my first bro, Mario

This is the lists of mai HOUSEHOLD activity in my house during holiday:
1. wash dishes (haha, still easy)
2. wash clothes
At first, i underestimate this job. I thought this job is easy as piece of cake
(whaha.. ^^V)
In fact : ooh.. don`t ask.. =_=
but, I learn to appreciate my housemaid`s job >,<
(Ohh, so tired.. i do this with Putri n` Maxwell, my bro n sis)
Fortunately, my spiritted grandpa help me..
3. hanging up the clothes
(easy but i`m afraid to fall to the ground.. Coz the place for dried laundry is in the top.. >,<)
4. cookingg..
To tell the truth, i HATE and CAN`T cook. haha.
but i must do this when my mom is too busy doing other activities
otherwise i have to wait till my mom`s job finish..
u know? The only food i can cook is instanst noodles.. (whaha) which is become my fav,. food ^w^
(cook instant noodles is so-so easy.. whaha.)

And mai FUN activities at home are :
1. Play PS2 games

a. Mana Khemia 2 ( haven`t finished yet, wanna finish this game as soon as possible. grrr)
b. Dokapon Kingdom ( i played together with my bro n sis and it`s so fun !! ^^)
2. Spread pamphlet about rental comics ^^v
i`ve copied the pamphlets since a few weeks ago but don`t have any chance to spread it.
So, i use this holiday to wake up in 6 AM and spread it towards my area..
(i wanna earn some moneys during this holiday and i hope many peoples will come to rent my comic)

--hmmmm... want my housemaids come back--
The house is in a mess without u !!!


Reyvateilia said...

tes tes comment2

bagoes juga nihhhh


This comment is made by Reyvateilia
Please visit me back! ^^

Reyvateilia said...

wah kerjaan di atas mirip kerjaannya whim ya...


This comment is made by Reyvateilia
Please visit me back! ^^

dorara said...

hahaha XD

Vicky said...

Hahaha... Funny :)
I think you have to train yourself for these jobs, because it happens every year when "Lebaran" right? So, just enjoy it...hahaha...

Hope success will always be yours...

Blog Kesuksesan Hidup

Administrator Frelia said...

Hahaha, bagus banget ceritanya. Janga terlalu bergantung dengan pembantu rumah tangga yah. Bagaimanapun kita harus tetap mandiri. Eh, MAna Khemia 2 ore dah lengkap semua lho grow book nya.

dorara said...

yabb!! btul..
meski kenyataannya ak masi bergantung si
tapi mo blajar ah..
wah cc curang!!
aku males maen nh.. ntar lanjutin lagi ah~~

scribbler said...

:) it's nice to learn household chores while you're still young so you will learn to be independent... but of course, it's easier to have housemaids...

enjoy life!!! take care

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