Nov 8, 2015 / I`m just tired of being good

Hi blog! Long time no write here! Fiuuuh. Time flies so fast and It's already my 4 months living in Japan. And although actually I`ve been wanting to write some stories which were there on my mind for these few weeks, but I can`t help being lazy :P (like, always.) Plus, I rarely use my laptop here. And I`m not the type of people who really like watching youtube, tv series, korean drama, (anything) in laptop so mobile phone is perfectly enough for me. I REALLY SHUD DO anime-watching program to beef up my Japanese, tho. Already did it momentarily and then procrastinated a bit, and I haven`t continued again ever since T_T_ 

Will really blog about my life in this country, but let's do this some other time. Cause' right now I`m just having urge to just write about some rants that I have been feeling all this time but I just couldn`t tell anybody because I just don`t know where to start, and who would listen and understand. So yeah, better keep it to myself and why not write here as well as it could help my kind of abandoned english now. (I`m not as far as pretty good in Japanese myself, but because I heard Japanese all the time every day, like in school, in public transportation, in supermarket, everywhere, it takes me time to phrase up even some simple, daily phrases to english now, as it would automatically translated into japanese in my brain LOL.)

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