Nov.17.2014 / Wonder....

It`s now 1.25 AM and the clock is ticking near me, and i`m sitting right here in front of the computer. It`s not day off anymore, not sunday. Now is already monday, i guess..

Been so bussssssssssy lately...fiuh T.T, that i haven`t made the continuation of my last red tour 2014 trip or my japan trip as i promised i would do in my last post before.. Well.... 

And now just found myself stumbled accross my abandoned blog again and kinda having some urge to write down my random thoughts and wonder right now.

You know, they said that once you finished up your whole obligatory education level (as it is min 12 years of study), that`s the moment that you`d feel yourself lost of what to do next. And that`s exactly what`s happening to me right now.

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