Oct.07.2009 About OTAKU

Do u know..
What is OTAKU?

I`m sure many people, especially who loves Japan is familiar with this term.

All this time, many anime/manga fans in Indonesia claim themself as an otaku.
And many people misunderstood the meaning of otaku as a anime/manga fans.

Now, the term of otaku in modern Japan itself is more directed at : "People who obsessed with something or a hobby that can be done all day"
For example,
-People who likes read manga too much (manga otaku) or
-People who likes play game too much (game otaku)

Based on survey, most of otaku is dominated by men
Although there is otaku women with a lower percentage than the male one.

The following are the characteristics of the otaku :
*They generally not paying attention at their physical appearance
*They rarely socialize in the real world
*Although they don`t like to socialize in the real world, it doesn`t mean that they`re technology illiterate (or we can say in indonesian term, "GapTek"). They usually still follow the development of the external world by browsing internet.
*Many of them haven`t ever dating yet
*They are mostly spend their time by locked themself at their own room to do their hobby all day without interruption from other people

And so, In Japan, the term of otaku itself have a negative (-) meaning
The japanese people often had a grin if they heard about otaku

So, for those who are manga/anime fans and you go to Japan, don`t claim yourself as an OTAKU if you don`t want to viewed cynically by people there

Based on Animonster vol.94 by modification


RavenGirl said...

hahahaa gbrny membuatseolah2 otaku tuh nerd + freak abs, pdhal ga smwny bgtu :D

dorara said...

iya juga yah
ahahah =p

PeJuAnG HiDup said...

penah tgk otaku densha?

嫩师 丰富 said...

@pejuang: w tau tuh, ga prnah tn sh, critany bgs tuh~

@dorara: haha eneg w lyatny jd~

dorara said...

@ pejuang :tau,, densha otoko kan?

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