Oct.23.2009 Sony Playstation 3 vs Nintendo Wii

About Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii..
The two next-gen consoles..

I wan
na buy the two of them ^^,
At f
irst, i only want Nintendo Wii because the game is funny and the gameplay is unique.
and besides, i can`t afford the price of PS3.
But now, because there`s a rumor that game cross edge and ar tonelico 3 will be released in PS3, i want to buy the two of them!!
(And so, i`m saving money right now ^w^)

This passage is for u, gamer who`re still confused about what will you buy between ps3 and wii!I will explain the difference between the two consoles.


Advantages :
*Many games that will released exclusively in ps3 such as Final Fantasy XIII, Devil May Cry 4, Tekken 6, Metal Gear Solid 4 and many more that of course is familiar with many gamers.
*Featured with BluRay players with the cheapest price. With your ps3, you can enjoy watch novie in BluRay format with resolution HD 1080p. It`s also compatible with DVD format, so you can still enjoy watch your favorite DVD in this consoles.

*Not make too much noise like XBOX 360 which for many people is very annoying when you are playing game or watch movie.

*Using Hard disk that you can replaced if you need a hard disk with a larger capacity.

*Have a free online service, that you can play online games, chatting, content sharing or browsing internet.

*Region Free, you can play games which you buy from the other countries with your ps3.

Disadvantages :
*The price is too high that not so many people can`t afford. Maybe the price of the consoles itself is have decreased dramatically than before. But, the important problem is the price of the game. One game is about Rp 300.000 till Rp Rp 500.000. Let`s hope the ps3`s game will have pirated, so the price of the games will get cheaper.

*For multi consoles game, the frame-rate resulted by ps3 is still less from XBOX 360. E,g : Game Need For Speed Carbon and Call of Duty 3 is better the version in XBOX 360.

*No rumble function in the controller make the fun when playing the game is dropped. Although sony covered with tilt function, but still, the
removal of rumble functionality left disappointment for the gamers.

*Ps3 needs a greater television for the best graphic. So, if you only have cheap television, don`t be surprised if the resulting picture will be somewhat disappointing

*Electricity consumed by ps3 is very high!


Advantages :

*Offers a new way to play the games innovatively with the controller that requires you to move to play the game there. Very suitable to play together with family, and for children.

*Rumble function is remain in the controller, even in the controller, there is a addition speaker to add the real effect in playing game.

*Is very friendly with the gamer`s wallet, because the price is cheaper than the ps3.

*Developer Friendly, system that wii have make the game developer easier to make game with the cheaper costs than ps3. And so, many game developer support wii, especially the games which based at anime like; bleach, naruto and dragon ball. And have many titles for games like super mario bros and zelda.

*Electricity consumed by Wii is low even featured by wiiconnect24 that have low power sleep mode. So, it can still received messages and updating.

*This is very suitable for mostly woman who are worried about their weights! Playing wii can lost your weight!! Because, playing wii required you to move to play the game, especially sport games. And you can sweating.

Disadvantages :
*Can`t play DVD movies with wii although the game media is in DVD format too.

*Region Lock, you can`t play US game in Japan Wii, vice versa. Even the online featured is not region free.

*Have low graphic quality that can`t be compared than ps3. Wii is concerned by the gameplay and not with the graphic. So, for gamer that like good graphic, this will be the minus point for wii.

Okay, this is all about the difference between ps3 and wii.
I wanna buy the two of them.
But maybe wii first, because the price for wii is more affordable.

Hopefully, it`ll be useful for u all ^^

(adopted from animonster vol.94 with modification, addition and translation)


Reyvateilia said...

wih, baru tau yg beginian neh. nemu di mana?

dorara said...

hhe.. itu ada di atas.
ambil dari animonster..

@ Coy said...

pilih tetep PS3 aja ah hehehe....


PS3 it's great for games, i like it..thank

ziddu-me said...

I prefer sony ps3 rather than wii, the graphic is better than wii, but for boxing games I choose wii :)

rachmat said...

setuju dengan ziddu-me, kalo main boxing gamenya wii kyk main tinju beneran,itung2 olahraga , hehe :)

AMIN said...

I think PS3 is better...

mollee said...

PS3.....consol yang keren, tapi baru buat maen game bola aja,mahal kali kalo beli bluray nya :(

Janz_mephistopheles said...

heheeh mahaaaaal..... Blu Ray nya,,, euhh jebol kantong deh hegegege,,, makasih infonya kaka

lusi said...

Good one :)

MULYONO W SPd said...

Saya juga suka games itu salam kenal adik manis

MULYONO W SPd said...

Saya juga suka games terbaru

multyone said...

i like ps 3

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