Oct.16.2009 Art Work -Hand-Made doll-

Yesterday, i finished my task from my art teacher in school to make a han
d-made doll from many countries.
We are not allowed to make a doll of the same type of the other student have chosen to made.
E.g : I chose indonesian boy, so my friend can`t pick that again, haha.

And the process of making this doll is simple and easy.
(haha, Sombong mode : on, mentang-mentang uda berhasil buat tanpa dibuatin mba =p)
Because, these dolls can be made without sewing
Just only apply glue ^^
Hmm, these dolls are so cute.
So, here i show you a few the hand-made dolls photos that made by me and my class mate ^^

***African Boy ***Hawaiian Girl ***Korean Boy ***Mexican Boy

***Chinese Girl ***Chinese Boy ***Mongolian Boy ***Japanese Girl

***Indian Girl ***Netherland Boy ***Netherland Girl

Actually, there're also 3 more photos left.
Egypt Boy, Hawaiian Boy and Arabian Boy.
For that 3 photos i used my friend`s phone to photo and then later will be transferred to my phone by bluetooth. But unfortunately, the memory is high and the lay-out is different than the photos i made.
So, i didn`t put it here.
But it is also cute ^w^

These dolls are all so cute, aren`t they?
Can you guess which doll did i make?
If you guess it right, i`ll give you 100 score. :D

And.. Which one you like the most?
Please vote..:D


Anak SD said...

Hahaha, ore beli satu yang kayak Tong Sam Cong itu. BOnekanya pada lucu, bingung juga milihnya.

Denny Herdian said...

boleh nech bwt anak gw..., nyarinya dmana yach???

Raxen Vrathdar said...

(evil grins) May u send me one? I'll give it 2 my gf, kekeke (coz all r cute!)

gametis said...

dolls arround the world!! great :)

RavenGirl said...

wah2 yg african boy kyk boneka dsensor tuh hahahaha~

lina@happy family said...

Semuanya bagus, kreatif banget sih, salut...

Funny Blog said...

i think... this really nice blog! about the doll's have u made it by your hand??.. good job for u friend.

dorara said...

@ all :
Thank u 4 ur comment ^^
yabb ini buat sendiri pake tangan.
Gampang kuq, ada panduannya gitu
gag usa dijait, tggl ngelem ^^

Tapi,.. gag da yang bisa tebak boneka buatanku yang mana ya? =)

Reyvateilia said...

aku milih yg chinese k 4!
yg buatan cc pasti yg belanda ke2, ya kan???

dorara said...

@ gio n cici frel:
sayang skali. tbkn anda b2 salah..
knp si pada nebaknya boneka buatan aku yg belanda ce? hahaha XD
scorenya 0! =p

dany said...

wah.... kerennn

Mike said...

hii there..
keren2 juga bonekanya ^^
yang jepang itu bagus =)

EXELINCA said...

kok kayak boneka voodoo ya?

Anime Manga Encyclopedia said...

wah lucu lucu ya bonekanya, apalagi yg african boy tuh
napa ga bikin boneka samurai aja kan bakalan keren tuh

Setetes Embun said...

lucu2 ya.........semuanya aku suka

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