Nov.10.2009 Ar tonelico 2 : Reisha`s Lullaby

This is also one of my favorite song! from game ar tonelico 2 : melody of metafalica

That game have so many wonderful songs.
And this one is my favorite song in that game
This song is japanese. But this song is so soothing your heart and make you more relaxed ^^
This song is sang by Reisha, the mother of Luca when she is small to make her sleep well.

Here is the lyric..

Reisha no Komoriuta (Reisha's Lullaby)

Lyrics by Ken Nakagawa
Composed & Arranged by Ken Nakagawa
Vocal & Chorus by Yuuko Ishibashi
ねんねころりや夜空の月よ いずこへ行く
nenne korori ya yozora no tsuki yo izuko e yuku
It's time to go to bed, and wonder to where the moon will go in the night

夢に浮かびし 影を眺めて 独り静
yume ni ukabishi kage wo nagamete
hitori shizuka
You can float in your dreams or gaze at the shadows
in your quiet loneliness

唄を唱えて 想い連ねて この日を迎う
uta wo tonaete omoi tsuranete
kono hi wo mukau
You can sing a song or connect you feelings
to greet this new day

別れを嘆き 昔を愛でる ただ 悲しや
wakare wo nageki mukashi wo mederu
tada kanashi ya
You can grief at a parting or admire those old days
Still, it will be sad

紅き髪さえ 翳りを纏い 我が身を映す
akaki kami sae kageri wo matoi
wa ga mi wo utsusu
May it be crimson hairs or crimson clouds
I will reflect them

唄う息吹は 夜もすがら あの人に届けや いつの日か
utau ibuki wa yomosugara
ano hito ni todoke ya
itsu no hi ka
The breath of my singing will last all the night
So it can reach that person
But I wonder when...?

空に浮かびし 月を眺めて 独り静
sora ni ukabishi tsuki wo nagamete
hitori shizuka
You can float through the sky or look to the moon
in your quiet loneliness

絆深めて 契り交わして 過ぎ去りし日よ
kizuna fukamete chigiri kawashite
sugisarishi hi yo
You can deepen your bonds or exchange vows
to bid farewell to yesterday

出会いを偲び 現を忘るる ただ 寂しや
deai wo shinobi ima wo wasururu
tada samishi ya
You can remember a meeting or forget the present
Still, it will be lonely

懐かしき声 月は囁く 我が身 振るわす
natsukashiki koe tsuki wa sasayaku
wa ga mi furuwasu
May it be a nostalgic voice or the whispers of the moon
I will shiver to them

唄う二声は 風となり 空を永久に舞えや どこまでも
utau futakoe wa kaze to nari
sora wo towa ni mae ya
dokomade mo
This song will be sung by our two voices and will ride the wind
and it will dance eternally through the sky
I wonder to where it will go...?

Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor
Was yea ra sonwe infel en yor 私は貴方のために愛を歌います
I will be very happy to sing for the sake of your love

Here is the link to download this song;
Reisha`s Lullaby

Hope you`ll enjoy this song like me ^^


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