Dec.01.2009 Nail Art

Entering the 2000`s, in Japan, appears a modern trend, named "nail art" or decorating nail that is become very popular amongst Japanese teenager.
even nail art spread amongst Japanese artist that makes nail art become a part of fashion mode.

Nail art isn`t just coloring our nail with kutex or nail color, but was considered as a
n calligraphy art.
We can decorate our nail with many trinkets, like sticker, glitter, beads, until piercing.

Nail art mostly use fake nails.

So, this will also convenient for people, especially girls that have short nails or not accustomed having long nails for following the trend.
Since now, nail art trend in Japan is developing and many nail trimmer appears (known as nailist) that its name isn`t only popular in the Japan itself, but also in fashion world.
One of the popu
lar nailist in Japan is Michiko Matsushita.

Nail salons in Japan have spread everywhere.

They are not just provide manicure and pedicure service, but also nail spa service, where customers can soak their hand to a basin filled with mineral water and vegetable oil that makes nail not only beautiful but also healthy.

Later, nail art is become popular too in Indonesia, our country.

Although this trend was not as popular as in Japan, but many classy salons already started to provide nail art service.
even in many mall, there is many stores that sell trinkets for nail art, which you can buy fake nails too and decorate by yourself.


Free Download Anime said... dah nyoba juga?

Mif on the duty said...

nail art udah jadi hajar kuku style kali,eh harajuku syle maksudku

dorara said...

pingin tp belum nih..
saya masi klas 3 SMA
dilarang sm skolah..
taun dpn saya kul,
n baru ak mau coba nail art!
hehe ^^

harajuku style juga? thanks infonya ^^
nail art emang uda menjadi 1 budaya.

Aidyl-tan-nyan! said...

Oh I just love nail art!!!<3
I wish I could have my nails decorated kawaii-style like that!
But my work would destroy it right away as it sores my fingers. =(
Also I think playing guitar or even typing wouldnt be too easy with long nails~

Kesit said...

its look very feminim and i like it..

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