Dec.31.2009 Finally, i got my first google page rank!!! ^^

Today, at December 31st 2009, one day before new year, i got my first google page rank!!!
I am so-so happy and excited!!!! ^^
it's because i`m so curious and a little bit jealous that my friends`s blog already got PR (page rank) and i havent yet.

But, everything is need time and need progress.
Getting up PR is not an easy work to do, need hard work and seriousness.
I have to keep patient and keep updating my blog seriously.
After my hard work about 5 months, then today is the time i got my first PR!!

Why i`m so happy getting PR?
It`s because PR is so important. The higher your PR are, means your website will be considered further more by the search engine like google. For example,
with the same keywords, a website with a pagerank 3 will be in a higher order than the website with pagerank 2 or below.

So, if we have a higher PR, our blog will be more possible to be sought by many people.
And PR is an important thing in online business.

I wanna keep updating my blog and be diligent to do blogwalking and exchange link to make my blog more worthy and hope my blog is useful to everyone who read my posts in my blog.

I wanna say thanks too to;
*God, who grant me patience and diligence to work out this blog
*Frelia, who teach me everything about blogging, include how to start getting an online job, and to applied this cute blog theme, etc ^^
*Giovanni a.k.a kepiting di laut, my fellow who is still learning blogging too
*And my other friends, like Lilies, Melisa, Desy, etc who often i made to check up new posts in my blog (hehe)
*And of course all the people who have visited my blog!! ^^

Thank you all!
My blog couldn`t be like this without you all. :)

Hoping i will still be able to consistent and keep writing! :)


inyoman indra suputra said...

congrats :)
me to (got pr3)
putra site

Johnson Manurung said...

Congratulation !

ina said...

keep spirit :)

Alvhie aja ga pake N said...

weew,,,congratulation ya...^^!!

deiiby said...

congrats :)

SONY.M.M. said...


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